‘Grimm’s David Giuntoli Breaks Down That Crazy Season Premiere

Grimm - Season 5
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Spoiler alert! Stop reading this now if you haven’t watched Grimm’s Season 5 premiere!

His mother was decapitated. His lover was killed with a crossbow. His right-hand gal has been abducted. And he’s been forced into a relationship with a witch, who just gave birth to his child. Could life get anymore grim for Grimm cop Nick Burkhardt? We spoke with leading man David Giuntoli about Friday’s fabulously insane season premiere.

So much to discuss! Let’s start at the top of the episode with Juliette’s funeral, which was quickly revealed to be a figment of Nick’s drug-infused mind. Is it true the sequence was not in the original script but was actually shot for San Diego Comic-Con?
It’s so true. We had just started shooting the new season like two days before Comic-Con began and we had nothing to give the fans that was special, nothing that would really grab them. I mean, a precinct scene between Nick and Hank just wasn’t gonna cut it. So we put together a short, really rushed funeral. We needed something that required just one location but was heavy-hitting and a nice tease for the audience. It’s Comic-Con. You gotta deliver!

In that scene, Nick kissed Juliette in her casket and—for one brief, hopeful moment—it seemed like maybe she’d wake up, Snow White-style. Did you mean to be so heartlessly cruel?
[Laughs] Yes! Sorry. Guilty. She’s not coming back to life. Well, unless that kiss was some sort of foreshadowing that the writers haven’t yet told me about. The loss of Juliette has been really sad for all of us but it keeps the drama high and really serves the show. For the moment anyway. But, hey, you want to know what’s really cruel? Juliette’s body being stolen.

Along with mom’s head.
It’s bad enough that they’re both dead but now, without the bodies, Nick can’t mourn. He has lost his entire family. His mom was his only parent. He has no siblings. His aunt died in Season 1. Trubel is like his last bit of family and now she’s gone, too. It’s too much to handle. And how do you ever get over finding your mother’s head in a box? Revenge is going to be a sweet, sweet dish for Nick.

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The Grimm gang interrogating Agent Chavez.

As if the poor guy’s life isn’t nuts enough, he also learns that FBI Agent Chavez is part of a clandestine government organization. Where is this headed?
This all-knowing group is so covert that no one in it can even talk about it. It’s like, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” And we don’t know how high up in the government it goes. It’s so much bigger than Portland. [Laughs] Actually, it’s not hard to get bigger than Portland. But this is global! This group is fighting something we’re only now starting to learn about—a huge rebellion within the Wesen community. There’s a groundswell of violence coming from the Wesens and the Scooby Gang will have to go up against it. And, to do that, they may have to get into bed with this secret group.

At least Nick bonding with his baby was a bit of good news.
Well, so far, but I have a feeling this little guy is going to be a problem child. [Laughs] He’s just a newborn now but I’m waiting for some Omen-style behavior to start happening! I wouldn’t put it past our writers.

Adalind wanting to name the baby Kelly, after Nick’s mother, was so touching—and so suspiciously unlike Adalind. What’s she up to?
Adalind is softening. We’re seeing the warmer side, the human side of the Hexenbiest. Or maybe she’s just throwing Nick a bone. She’s got him where she wants him. Maybe Nick has a bit of Stockholm syndrome going on. He’s trapped in this relationship, so he has to get to know her, be cool with her. This baby is the only thing that keeps Nick going as he suffers all of this horror. It centers him. He’s not happy with the way he became a father, but it’s keeping him from going off the tracks. He will do anything to protect that child.

Would the audience have it any other way?
America does not want to see Nick be like one of those guys on The Jerry Springer Show who has to have a DNA test before he admits he’s the father. Nobody likes a deadbeat dad. I certainly don’t. And that’s not Nick. Nick Burkhardt steps up! But if this isn’t a public service message warning kids not to have sex, I don’t know what is. Kids, don’t get involved with anyone ever! Be smart! Become a recluse!

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