Get Ready for a ‘Stitchers’ Haunting on Tuesday’s Halloween Special

Alison Scagliotti, Emma Ishta - Stitchers Halloween episode
Eric McCandless/ABC Family
STITCHERS – “When Darkness Falls” – Kirsten doesn’t do scared, but she’s spooked by an unusual stitch in a special, stand-alone Halloween episode of “Stitchers,” airing Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless) ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI, EMMA ISHTA

Kirsten Clark sees dead people—or as in the case of the Stitchers Halloween Special, one specific dead person.

Tuesday’s standalone hour—which, in the timeline, falls somewhere before the Season 1 finale—sees the Stitchers team investigating the suicide of a possible kidnapper as they race against the clock to find a missing girl.

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“[The victim] is in an enclosed space and she’s going to run out of air,” says executive producer Jeff Schechter of the conditions the team will be working against as they work to solve the case. “They only have a certain amount of time to figure it out.”

And as teased in an exclusive clip shown at NYCC, the stitch proves to be anything but straightforward for Kirsten and the rest of the Stitchers crew. “[The potential kidnapper’s mind] is so unbalanced that she starts wondering if this guy is haunting her,” says Schechter of Kirsten’s experience during the stitch. “She sees him where he shouldn’t be and, in this stitch, he’s talking directly to her.”

Schechter says that they approached the episode by asking what would happen if Kirsten is haunted by the spirit of someone she stitched into. “It’s a very creepy episode. It’s a bit of a mystery what’s going on there,” says Schechter. “So we play into all the Halloween tropes.”

The Stitchers Halloween Special airs Tuesday, October 20 at 9/8c on ABC Family.