‘Stitchers’ Cast Teases Cameron’s Fate and the Upcoming Halloween Special (VIDEO)


Season 2 of Stitchers may not have been shot yet, but the cast of the show was on hand at New York Comic Con to preview a trailer and a clip from the upcoming Halloween special. The cast also discussed what what will happen to Cameron when the series returns next season. Here are three things that we learned:

Cameron’s Fate Will Be Revealed Earlier Than Later

While no one on the cast would divulge Cameron’s fate next season—only that viewers would find out what happens quite early on—actor Kyle Harris talked about what went into Cameron’s decision to go under in the Season 1 finale. “It showed how much he sacrifices for his team, friends and the lab.” Damon Dayoub, who plays Detective Fisher, said, “Of course [his character] would be sad. It’s hard to not like Cameron.”

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The Actors Are Invested in Camille and Linus’s Relationship

Allison Scagliotti—who plays Camille—said her favorite episode was Episode 9 (“Future Tense”) because it was unlike “Tank Day,” which is what the cast calls the technically-heavy days when they shoot in the lab. “It was the first time we got to suddenly be on a different show.” She also talked about how she and Ritesh Rajan, who plays Linus, worked on building their characters’ relationships. “We both, whether or not it was there in the writing…kept tabs on our relationship and story arcs based on what was happening that week.”

The Halloween Special Will Showcase Some Skintight Costumes

According to Jeffrey Alan Schechter, the executive producer and Stitchers showrunner, the Halloween special may be a standalone episode, but it still fits within the show’s continuity. “The attentive fan might pick up [what] might have happened over the course of the Halloween episode that gives them a clue of how it fits [between Seasons 1 and 2].”

Emma Ishta, who plays Kirsten, said that the episode is “comedic-based,” while Allison Scagliotti offered a tease about Cameron’s Halloween costume. “You get to see Kyle in a very form-fitting red leather suit.” Salli Richardson-Whitfield (who plays Maggie Baptiste, head of the Stitchers lab) added that the cast was particularly excited for their costumes in the episode. “All week long, they were talking about what they were going to wear.”

Fans were also treated to a clip from the Halloween special, where Kirsten is seen experiencing very unusual problems in the fish tank, which Scagliotti joked was “a nightmare when Camille forgot to empty the tank properly.”

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Watch the exclusive clip and tune into the Stitchers Halloween special, which airs on October 20 at 9/8c on ABC Family.