Blood & Oil: Billy and Wick Come to Blows in This Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Francesca Giordano
Fred Hayes/ABC

BLOOD & OIL – “Hustle and Flow” — No longer suspecting Wick of any wrongdoing in the oil heist, Hap extends an olive branch when he brings his son in on an exciting new venture. But when Billy attempts to join the deal, tensions soon reach a boil. However, we will soon learn that this deal isn’t quite as rosy as Hap promised. Meanwhile, Sheriff Tip arrests a prime suspect in the robbery, creating additional pressure for Wick. And AJ’s true motives are revealed as he attempts to use his growing relationship with Hap’s daughter, Lacey, as a way to undermine Briggs Oil. Also, Hap rekindles his relationship with his son’s girlfriend, Jules, as the stakes of the father-son love triangle heat up, on “Blood & Oil,” airing SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Fred Hayes) CHACE CRAWFORD, SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER

Blood & Oil delivers a tension-filled upcoming episode when Billy (Chace Crawford) tries to join Hap (Don Johnson) and his son Wick (Scott Michael Foster) on a new business venture, proving blood isn’t always thicker than oil. But Wick has no interest in a partner, so he threatens Billy from getting too close on his “father/son project.” Is Wick really as tough as he seems, or is he threatened that Billy embodies everything he is not?

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Despite Wick’s feelings, Billy didn’t move to North Dakota to be scared off so easily. Billy’s reminder that he wouldn’t be there “if Hap didn’t want him to be” is just enough to push Wick over the edge. The heated argument turns physical as each one tries to mark their territory in the oil business—and impress Hap.

Watch the exclusive video of the "Hustle and Flow" episode before the show airs on Sunday night.

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