What’s Worth Watching: ‘Billy on the Street’ on truTV for Thursday, October 8

Billy on the Street with Chris Pratt

Billy on the Street, “Billy Helps Tina Fey Find a Friend, With Tina Fey” (Thursday, Oct. 8, 10:30/9:30c, truTV)

Think of it as comedy aerobics. Billy Eichner works up a sweat of hysteria and hilarity with his aggressively in-your-face sidewalk antics as his signature shtick, Billy on the Street, migrates to truTV for its fourth season. The comedian, whose Difficult People series on Hulu is one of the funniest shows of the year, brings Tina Fey along for the breathless ride on the premiere episode, confronting unsuspecting passersby on Manhattan streets, seeking a “non show-biz friend” for Tina as he assaults them with pop-culture non-sequiturs and wacky trivia.

The 30 Rock creator is his first victim, playing a game he calls “La-Tina Fey,” thrusting a fake Oscar at her and commanding her to thank as many Latino celebrities as she can think of. “One more Latino!” Billy screams as the clock runs down and his star in the spotlight collapses. “Tina Fey finally failed at something!” he crows. Bossy and excitable, always a hair trigger away from a ranting meltdown, Eichner is even more fun when dealing with everyday citizens. “Where were you when Kelly Osbourne left Fashion Police?” he queries a startled woman. And darned if she doesn’t have an answer. These are the moments when Billy on the Street shines, when Billy finds a kindred spirit who’s not even a little fazed to be getting these 15 seconds of stardom.