‘Big Brother’: It’s Time to Break Out the Saucepans (RECAP)

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The Big Brother houseguests

We sure hope the houseguests had their seatbelts buckled because this week was one bumpy ride. Of course, Big Brother never disappoints with drama, so we shouldn’t be surprised when it rears its ugly head. Among the highlights of the week were hexes, saucepans, and shaky “showmances.”
So, if you didn’t have the time to catch up on all the drama have no fear, because we have you covered. All the important moments from this week can be found below and check back every Thursday for more recaps. Proceed with caution, some crazy spoilers are just ahead.

The Cast

This week was a quiet one for Alex who stayed on the fringe as drama swirled about, as uneventful as this week was for her personally, she should watch her back. Jessica was looking to make a deal with Paul, in return for her allowing Cody to be sent home (we’ll get to that detail in a little bit), she wanted immunity and Alex put up on the block. She still has a chance to go further, we just hope she watches her back in the near future.

Despite her injury Christmas continues to persist in her quest to win Big Brother. While her week was rather low key, Christmas continues to shake things up in the house with her social game. Her goal was to persuade Jessica to let Cody be voted out of the game, yet her persuasion didn’t get her far enough since Jessica used the hex to spite the house.

This once evicted houseguest was once again the target of the week, especially since Paul was the Head of Household. Instead of letting a mild conversation with Paul about the nominations roll off of his shoulders, Cody snapped and let his emotions get the best of him. The exchange caused a fight between him and Jessica leading many to wonder if their relationship would last. Clearly this didn’t happen since Jessica used the hex to keep her and Cody in the house. This week Cody outright stated that he probably won’t win this game, and we have to say this statement rings true especially since he continues to alienate himself from the other guests.

Elena has continued to keep a low profile this week despite her partner Mark’s outbursts with fellow houseguest Josh. She followed suit with Christmas and tried to convince Jessica to let Cody go, but was obviously unsuccessful. Her ties to Mark might harm her in the long run, but for the time being, Elena is on the safe side of the house.

Despite shortcomings this week in the temptation competition that left him on the block as the third nominee, Jason continues to play a good social game with his likable personality. After the veto competition, he was taken off of the block, and stayed out of most of the drama this week. We can see him staying for a while as he poses no immediate threat to the strong players in the house.

This week was both lifesaving and game threatening for Jessica as she considered the possibility of not using her hex halt. After her disagreement with Cody this week, things seemed to cool between the once warm pair. When Jessica got into a fight with Raven over whispers, she made the choice to use the hex just to spite everyone, and this move may have cost her the chance of winning. We believe things may have gone differently if she didn’t use the hex, allowing Cody to be evicted, but now that chance is off the table.

After a week of meatballs, Josh moved onto saucepans this week driving most of the people in the house crazy, but mostly Mark. Things got so heated between the two that they had to be separated, and take “opposite sides of the house.” If Cody and Jessica are not targeted this coming week, we can definitely see Mark going up as a nominee, especially since Josh won this coming week’s HOH competition.

For Kevin the week was simple: he floated along as floaters do and that’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Unless he gets into any major conflicts, which is very unlikely, Kevin is playing the game of a dark horse.

Just as this wasn’t a good week for Cody and Jessica, it was not a good week for Mark. He also got into an argument with Elena, as Cody did with Jess, and escalated the tension between him and Josh only making him a bigger target. If he hadn’t won the temptation competition leaving him with immunity for the week, he may have been put up as a replacement nomination. With Josh in power this week, we can guarantee that he’ll be on the block, he may even have to pack his bags.

Just like his fellow Paul followers, Matt went a little under the radar this week, the only part of his game that may have been damaged was his connection to Raven. After Jessica picked a fight with her, Matt’s association to her may have long lasting effects for his game. These effects will only take place though, if Cody or Jessica go into power.

Most of the time Raven remains out of the spotlight, but things changed for her this week, and she can be considered responsible for having the hex put into play. Although Jessica picked a fight over something minor, her overreaction had consequences for Raven’s future in the game since she and Cody will be staying. Despite the fight, we don’t see Raven leaving before Jessica and Cody unless they win HOH.

The self-proclaimed “showmance killer” put up his main competitors Cody and Jessica to see if the hex was a bluff made up by the pair. His nominations essentially backfired, but we don’t see his game being halted anytime soon since more people in the house are backing him over his immediate threats.

Most Dramatic Moment of the Week

There are almost too many moments to pick just one, so you’ll have three. There were three large fights this week, one between Josh and Mark, one between Paul and Cody and another between Jessica and Raven.
Ultimately, the fight with the biggest consequence would have to be Jessica and Raven’s since it lead to the use of the halt hex, and it was surprising to see the behavior from such unsuspecting houseguests.

Cutest and Funniest Moment of the Week

Unfortunately there was a lack of such moments this week, here’s to hoping there are brighter times ahead for this cast of characters.


Ultimately, this week damaged some of the trust between Jessica and Cody and Mark and Elena. The men’s inability to control their anger definitely changes their dynamic. As for Matt and Raven, their relationship is still as solid as last week.


After all of this exhausting drama, we can’t help but give this week 4 vetos out of 5.