What’s Worth Watching: Uncover the Mysteries of Secrets and Wives

Secrets and Wives
Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Secrets and Wives

Secrets and Wives, “Bosom Bodies” (Tuesday, June 2, 10/9c, Bravo)

They’re not the Real Housewives of Long Island, but they might as well be. Bravo’s latest dive into the world of wealthy women, Secrets and Wives, follows six girlfriends from L.I.’s North Shore as they weather marriage, divorce, and whatever other first world problems the bourgeoisie is dealing with these days.

In tonight’s premiere, we’ll learn that one of the ladies—Susan—has an ex-con for a husband. How will we learn this? Well, because he’s going to offend some of the other cast members at a “plastic surgery fashion show” being thrown by another of the wives, Gail. Let that sink in for a moment, and then go set your DVR.