12 of Jamie & Claire’s Steamiest ‘Outlander’ Moments, Ranked

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From the day Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Catriona Balfe) wed, they’ve been coming together for some of the Outlander’s hottest scenes.

We count them down below.

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Outlander Steamiest moments Jamie Claire

12. Romp in the Hay

Season 5, Episode 6

At the nuptials of Aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Jamie (Sam Heughan) finds himself in a gambling bind and puts Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) rings up for collateral, causing a fight when the couple later meet in the stables. At one point, he retorts: “You’re a woman like no other, Sassenach.” He then adds, “But don’t forget…you’re still a woman.” Claire slaps him in the face, and the two collide with pent-up frustration.

Outlander steamiest moments jamie claire

11. A Pre-Battle Birthday Boost

Season 5, Episode 7

Hours away from the Battle at Alamance, where Jamie must join the redcoats to fight Regulators, Claire tries to distract the Highlander, who also happens to be ringing in a special birthday. Another concern for Jamie: Will turning the big 5-0 take away from his charms? (As if!) Seizing the opportunity, Claire initiates a morning tryst while approximating Marilyn Monroe’s breathy, sultry spin on “Happy Birthday.”

Outlander Season 3 Jamie Claire

10. Before the Storm

Season 3, Episode 13

After rescuing their kidnapped nephew, Ian Fraser Murray (John Bell), Claire and Jamie enjoy some alone time aboard a vessel headed home for Scotland, unaware of the impending shipwreck that will resettle them in North Carolina. Radiating joy, Claire begins touching Jamie. He catches her hint, saying, “I have given much thought about what I want to do to you when we arrive on dry land.” But wait for dry land they do not.

Outlander Season 4 Jamie Claire

9. American Dreams

Season 4, Episode 1

The New World poses many potential dangers, and after learning that truth firsthand, Jamie and Claire settle into a cozy and safe sleeping spot in the woods. By a crackling campfire, the two engage in deep conversation, making the earth-shattering professions of love that the drama’s fans have come to yearn for. “Don’t you see how small a thing death is between us?” Jamie asks. “When my body dies, my soul will still be yours.” Swoon! And with declarations like that, they allow their passions to kindle like the flames beside them.

Outlander Season 3 Jamie Claire

8. All Aboard

Season 3, Episode 9

Asail on the Artemis to Jamaica, Jamie and Claire find themselves stranded at sea with no wind and a dwindling water supply. They’ve also been separated at night due to a unique rooming situation with the yet-to-be-wed Marsali (Lauren Lyle) and Fergus (César Domboy). A long-overdue rain is reason enough to celebrate. As they stumble through the passageways, their giddy mood quickly transforms into an urgent joining together in an unoccupied storage room.

Outlander Season 3 Jamie Claire

7. Turtle Soup

Season 3, Episode 11

With Marsali and Fergus married, Jamie and an injured Claire kick off a rowdy evening aboard the ship. Devouring a sherry-laden turtle soup made by dedicated companion Mr. Willoughby (Gary Young), Claire can only barely administer herself with much-needed antibiotics before the aphrodisiac takes hold. “Bolt the door,” she drunkenly commands Jamie.

Outlander Season 1 Jamie Claire steamiest moments

6. Kiss and Make Up

Season 1, Episode 9

In this scene, the newlyweds still have a lot to learn about each other. After Jamie rescues Claire from vicious Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), putting his men in jeopardy to do so, he punishes her for not listening to him. But she has her own boundaries to set, wishing to be seen as his equal. And he understands. “If ever my hand is raised in rebellion against you again,” swears Jamie, dagger raised, “then I ask that this holy iron pierce my heart.”

Outlander Season 2 Jamie Claire

5. Confessions

Season 2, Episode 8

Rising tensions between England and Scotland bring Jamie and Claire back to Lallybroch. There, Jamie makes an admission about his lineage, telling Claire his father was a bastard. “I’m sorry,” he apologizes for the secrecy. “It was cowardly of me.” Claire reassures him that it makes no difference to her. The honest and quiet moment, which leads to Jamie hoisting Claire up and carrying her to bed, proves that sometimes less is more when it comes to being sexy.

Outlander Season 2 Jamie Claire

4. Come Find Me

Season 2, Episode 4

Jamie’s traumatic abuse at the hands of Black Jack dampens their blossoming romance, but Claire won’t be deterred in helping her husband heal. They briefly fight, and Jamie leaves to sleep in another room. But Claire has other ideas. She sneaks in and straddles him. “Come find me, Jamie,” she pleads. “Find us.”

Outlander Season 2 Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe Jamie Claire steamiest moments

3. A Rare Woman

Season 2, Episode 13

The Battle of Culloden is mere hours away when Jamie makes the devastating decision to send a pregnant Claire back to her own time through the magical stones at Craigh na Dun. Claire is at the clearing before she realizes where Jamie has taken her. With no time to spare, he begins their goodbyes. The couple relishes their “final” moments together.

Outlander Season 3 Jamie Claire

2. 20 Years Later

Season 3, Episode 6

Two decades of separation and suppressed desires were as unbearable for viewers as they were for a newly reunited Jamie and Claire. After a tearful hello kiss in Jamie’s print shop, he later learns that Claire’s reason for returning from the future was based purely on a need to be with him. And that’s all it took for things to heat up. “Will ye come to bed wi’ me, then?” he asks. What follows is a nightlong rediscovering that leaves both very satisfied.

Outlander Season 1 Jamie Claire the wedding

1. Wedding Night

Season 1, Episode 7

This early episode’s title (“The Wedding”) might as well have been “The Consummation.” Jamie and Claire’s steamy first evening together as spouses is chronicled in depth, including their first (awkward), second (much better), and third (with pearls) time in bed. But it’s the couple’s building confidence with each other that leads us to want to watch this episode again…and again. “Take off your shirt — I want to look at you,” Claire requests of her new husband. His response after her slow walk-around appraisal? “Well, then, fair is fair. Take off yours as well.”