First Look: Sharknado 3 Whips Up a Foggy New Feeding Frenzy

The Asylum/ Syfy

Run for cover, we’ve got your first look at Sharknado 3.

In the latest installment of Syfy’s biting franchise (subtitled Oh Hell No! and premiering Wednesday, July 22), a storm hits as our hero, Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering), is traveling to Orlando to meet up with his family. “One of the exciting things about Sharknado 3 was the chance to twist around what we know about Sharkndoes and do different variations on them,” director Anthony C. Ferrante says. “One of the coolest was the idea of a ‘fognado.’ Fin has to once again be resourceful to get out of this predicament—which may or may not include the help of his trusty chain saw.” Oh hell yes!

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Correction: This story originally misidentified Ferrante as both director and writer; in fact, Sharknado 3 was written by Thunder Levin. This version has been updated, and the editor will be fed to the sharks.