What's Worth Watching: Reverse Engineering on The Flash

Damian Holbrook
Diyah Pera/The CW

The Flash

The Flash, "Fast Enough" (Tuesday, May 19, 8/7c, The CW)

Man, time flies when you're having fun! It feels like The Flash just took off, and now, we're already at Season 1's finale. A lot has gone down since Barry (Grant Gustin) got his superspeed from that particle accelerator explosion and tonight, everything Team Flash has accomplished is at risk of being undone by Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/the Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh). "They realize that the particle accelerator is coming back online and that Wells has repaired the damaged section for nefarious purposes," previews executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, adding that the episode opens with the baddie in custody, thanks to last week's help from Oliver Queen (Arrow's Stephen Amell) and Firestorm (Robbie Amell). How the hour ends, however, is what worries us the most: Rumor has it there will be tears. And not the "of joy" kind. Sounds like we'll be running tonight, too. For the Kleenex.