Ranked: All 100+ ‘Real Housewives’ From Worst to Best

Real Housewives Ranking

It’s hard to believe we’re deep into the second decade of The Real Housewives. Ever since the hit franchise debuted in 2006, with The Real Housewives of Orange County, Bravo fans have been hooked on sassy taglines, catfights and, of course, the ladies’ lavish lifestyles. Executive producer and reunion host Andy Cohen celebrated the franchise’s 15th anniversary in March 2021, joking that the hit series is what turned his hair gray.

“I had no idea the series would change the course of pop culture—and my life—forever,” Cohen captioned on Instagram.

From Ramona Singer’s iconic pinot grigio grab to Teresa Giudice’s table flip heard ‘round the world, the Real Housewives franchise put the cringe in couture. Even the streaming service Peacock is rebooting The Real Housewives of Miami, and an “all star” spinoff is rumored to be in the works featuring the most iconic women from different cities all under one roof.

In honor of a very dramatic 15 years on-screen, we’re looking back at the 100+ Housewives who have revolutionized reality TV. From worst to best in terms of how fun they’ve been to watch, here are all 134 (and counting!), ranked. In the words of the Countess, don’t be, like, all uncool.

134. Wendy Osefo (Potomac): The doctor was accused of lying about knowing her costars ahead of filming, and of stealing a charity donation list. Yeah, no thanks.

133/132. Teresa Aprea/Nicole Napolitano (New Jersey): These trashy twins weren’t even deserving of their own separate taglines.

131. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan (Potomac): Too boring to rank any better.

130. Jules Wainstein (New York City): Jules definitely seemed to be hiding something on her one-season RHONY stint. Fans even speculated that she opted to join the franchise to aid in her divorce settlement with her husband after learning of his infidelity. Honey, don’t pull fake storylines on Bravo!

129. Peggy Tanous (Orange County): Former model Peggy reflected on her time on RHOC as proof that the franchise leads stars to “become addicted to money.” Uh duh, that’s the whole point of the show! No wonder she was shown the door.

128. Jeana Keough (Orange County): The former Playboy bunny is now a grandma, and that’s the best role for her yet.

127. Kimberly Bryant (Orange County): When you see a headline wondering if a Housewife is “still alive,” it’s clear she didn’t leave that much of an impression on viewers. Makes sense: Kimberly relocated her family to the Midwest due to health concerns, but we can’t say RHOC misses her.

126. Tammy Knickerbocker (Orange County): Tammy stayed out of the drama between her costars, which made her a non-entity for viewers.

125. Kim Fields (Atlanta): It was clear the Facts of Life star didn’t even want to be a part of the show.

124. Candiace Dillard Bassett (Potomac): She was looking for a fight, and some since-deleted tweets remain questionable. At least the Potomac ladies won’t have to go head-to-head with her anymore.

123. Quinn Fry (Orange County): Unmemorable, and basically unworthy of a mention.

122. DeShawn Snow (Atlanta): The real estate agent’s biggest beef played out offscreen, after she was sued for more than $150,000 in fraud. Wish we could have seen that on the show!

121. Lizzie Rovsek (Orange County): The fashion designer was on the boring side of the RHOC bunch, but since the show, she’s split with her husband, won a large divorce settlement, and started a fashion brand.

120. Joyce Giraud (Orange County): Andy Cohen admitted on the Watch What Happens Live after show that viewers never warmed to Joyce because they could tell she wasn’t actually part of the RHOC friend group in real life. Now, Joyce just sits back and tries to call out Bravo’s coverage of social issues. Does she want back in the limelight, or what?

119. Tiffany Hendra (Dallas): Tiffany penned a Facebook post after leaving the franchise to argue that the series doesn’t honor female friendship. Maybe she thought that because she wasn’t pals with any of her costars?

118. Stacie Scott Turner (D.C.): The most exciting part of Stacie’s storyline was her split from her husband. Ouch.

117. Gina Kirschenheiter (Orange County): Got to hand it to a Housewife who holds her head up high despite rumors of her firing…but not cool that she tried to get Braunwyn Windham-Burke to leave the series instead.

116. Larsa Pippen (Miami): Dubbed “the hottest NBA wife,” Mrs. Scottie Pippen traded Florida rays for Los Angeles sunshine but recently announced she’s back in Miami…and dare we hope, back on the show?

115. Cristy Rice (Miami): Speaking of NBA royalty, Cristy split with husband Glen Rice and was briefly linked to Jamie Foxx. The swimsuit designer definitely now has some fun stories to share!

114. Robyn Dixon (Potomac): No, she wasn’t fired from the series—and she will continue to maintain that.

The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 5

Robyn Dixon on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC  (Mark Finkenstaedt/Bravo)

113. Cindy Barshop (New York City): B.O.R.I.N.G. Sorry, we don’t care about your kids.

112. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas (Orange County): Now here’s something more interesting: Elizabeth survived a cult. She certainly can take on the O.C.

111. Lydia McLaughlin (Orange County): She left, came back and left again. Need we say more? She’s no Bethenny Frankel, that’s for certain.

110. Lisa Wu (Atlanta): The former backup dancer took her profession quite literally, and was definitely a supporting role for the true stars of ATL.

109. Ana Quincoces (Miami): Points for being a chef and an outspoken celebrity. No, Kelly Bensimon, Ana isn’t a cook.

108. Ashley Darby (Potomac): The happy mother of two is a bright light, and easy to root for. Unfortunately, that doesn’t place her in the top 100 hot messes we love to watch.

107. Cary Deuber (Dallas): She openly admitted to faking her entire storyline. We can’t decide if she’s brilliant or the reason people hate reality TV.

106. Karent Sierra (Miami): Come on, it’s impressive to have the words “famous” and “dentist” in the same sentence.

105. Lynda Erkiletian (D.C.): The model manager certainly wasn’t a model Housewife, and laid low both on- and off-screen.

104. Kristen Taekman (New York City): The tense fights with her entrepreneur husband added some spice to Kristen’s storyline, but at the end of the day, she was just a good—and sensible—friend to the cast.

103. Monique Samuels (Potomac): She quit the show after alleging a “plot” was against her. Good for her for getting out when she did!

102. Stephanie Hollman (Dallas): She’s sweet, she’s classy and she’s BFFs with costar Brandi. Stephanie is the quintessential Housewife all around.

101. Dina Manzo (New Jersey): The little sister of fiery Caroline, Dina’s life got way more interesting post-show when her ex-husband was accused of hiring a mafia-tied hitman to murder her current beau. She may be playing into a stereotype, but boy do we want to watch.

100. Peggy Sulahian (Orange County): The 100th Housewife earns her spot at the 100th in this list as the first Armenian-American housewife who proudly shared her culture on the reality series.

99. Kathryn Edwards (Beverly Hills): She claims her connection to O.J. Simpson is what led her to leave the series. Can we get a RHOBH and 20/20 crossover?

98. Kelly Dodd (Orange County): Where do we even start with Kelly? She is the woman whose politics have gotten her in hot water multiple times…but her antagonistic attitude has led to some of the best RHOC fights in franchise history.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 15

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, Kelly Dodd in THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY  (Randy Shropshire/Bravo)

97. Amber Marchese (New Jersey): Amber called OG Teresa “ruthless.” If you can’t stand the Jersey heat, get out of the Garden State.

96. Siggy Flicker (New Jersey): The resident peacemaker shtick didn’t last long.

95. Joanna Krupa (Miami): She used to be the host and judge of Polish Top Model. Need we say more?

94. Gretchen Rossi (Orange County): Gretchen wasn’t “real” with her costars and even faked a marriage proposal.

93. Adrienne Maloof (Beverly Hills): Remember her gloriously cringe fights with her now ex-husband Dr. Paul Nassif? While we all know Adrienne as the designer behind the “Maloof Hoof”—one of LVP’s more successful quips—the SoCal star is rolling in the cash.

92. Adriana de Moura (Miami): The well-educated artist surely painted the town during her season.

91. Tinsley Mortimer (New York City): We used to love fun Tinsley. Then she became serious Tinsley. Her whining about not having a husband or a baby was grating even on her fellow Housewives, but her epic exit to move to Chicago midseason was unprecedented. Too bad her engagement didn’t last—maybe she’ll make it back to the Big Apple Circus once and for all. We sure know her mother Dale is dying to see herself on-screen again.

90. Cynthia Bailey (Atlanta): Her love life makes headlines, but rumor has it Cynthia may be on the chopping block in a RHOA shakeup.

89. Lisa Hochstein (Miami): The “boob god” was fined for hosting lavish parties during the COVID-19 pandemic. If only she could have brought that authority-defying attitude to her RHOM career.

88. Taylor Armstrong (Beverly Hills): Fans watched as Taylor endured an abusive marriage (her husband later committed suicide) and found love again after healing. It’s impossible not to root for this mother…and she even spurred a viral cat meme.

87. Heather Dubrow (Orange County): It was fun to watch her fight with Kelly Dodd but she was right in the end: Kelly really is nuts.

86. Jacqueline Laurita (New Jersey): Don’t hate us because we love her.

85. Kathy Wakile (New Jersey): Oof, her digs at the Giudice family were cringey to watch.

84. Jo De La Rosa (Orange County): The creator of Slade Smiley—need we say more?

83. Meghan King Edmonds (Orange County): Her theories about Vicki Gunvalson’s ex Brooks Ayers faking his cancer may have been correct, but Meghan sure did complain nonstop.

82. Eileen Davidson (Beverly Hills): One of the most levelheaded and classy Housewives, the soap star was too good for the series. And, yes, being sane does affect ratings.

81. Mary Amons (D.C.): Her closet was so good, she had to keep her clothes behind a biometric fingerprint lock so her teenage daughters wouldn’t borrow from her. That’s luxury.

80. Lauri Peterson (Orange County): She didn’t quite fade into the background, but Lauri definitely wasn’t the most memorable SoCal blonde.

79. Tiffany Moon (Dallas): The anesthesiologist is a certified genius, has a great family, and saved lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Where’s the drama?

78. Mary Cosby (Salt Lake City): She married her step-grandpa. That’s it—that’s her storyline. Oh, and the minister throws Met Gala-themed luncheons where she insults her guests (mostly Jen Shah) nonstop. Not a whole lot of empathy there.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City - Season 1


77. Kathy Hilton (Beverly Hills): The third Richards sister to join RHOBH (in the upcoming Season 11) may be the mom of Paris Hilton, but both Kim and Kyle outshine her in the drama department… so far.

76. Jackie Goldschneider (New Jersey): She insulted Gia Giudice after Teresa hinted that Jackie’s husband had been unfaithful. We stand with Gia, always. As a lawyer, Jackie should know better!

75. LaToya Ali (Atlanta): The “friend” of the group may be a supporting star, but she’s anything but supportive to her fellow Housewives.

74. Mia Thornton (Potomac): The beauty founder is set to join RHOP and undoubtedly will be discussing her 14+ business ventures and rock-solid marriage. Will the ladies be jealous?

73. Jennifer Aydin (New Jersey): The mother of five has an odd relationship with her husband, but she’s a true Housewife through and through.

72. Bershan Shaw (New York City): A highly anticipated “friend” of the series, Bershan has an impressive résumé as a motivational speaker and just might give her fellow Housewives the pep talk they need.

71. Eden Sassoon (Beverly Hills): The sober yogi tried to forge friendships but came up short.

70. Lynne Curtin (Orange County): A jewelry designer with less glitz than her costars.

69. Dolores Catania (New Jersey): The proud mom is a masterful coparenter with her ex. Plus we want to see Frankie Jr. and Gia tie the knot!

68. Brandi Redmond (Dallas): She may have a scatalogical sense of humor, but the former cheerleader leads RHOD’s team.

67. Shamari DeVoe (Atlanta): The R&B singer left the series in 2019 but still cheered on her former costars ahead of Season 12. She’s a class act, through and through.

66. Sutton Stracke (Beverly Hills): The Southern belle has a couture wardrobe and collects tiaras but doesn’t sit on the throne in her franchise. We want to see more of Sutton’s sass!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 10

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Sutton Stracke, Kyle Richards in THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF Beverly Hills (Casey Durkin/Bravo)

65. Lisa Barlow (Salt Lake City): With a smoky voice and a cackle of a laugh, Lisa is a career gal who’s let her family and friends fall to the wayside. We want her to be the next LVP, but the crown may be too heavy for this flimsy entrepreneur. A Sundance Film Festival staple, she peddles tequila while never having tasted her own company’s product due to Mormon law. That just about sums it up.

64. Aviva Drescher (New York City): From her separation anxiety with her husband to the iconic prosthetic leg toss, Aviva was a gift that kept on giving.

63. Marysol Patton (Miami): Her mom Elsa was the true keeper.

62. Carlton Gebbia (Beverly Hills): The crass star may have been better suited to a different franchise, but she sure was Bravo material.

61. Claudia Jordan (Atlanta): Over the course of a single season, the outspoken Claudia left a memorable impression on fans by taking on queen bee NeNe Leakes.

60. Yolanda Hadid (Beverly Hills): The Netherlands-born beauty wears many hats: mom to supermodels Gigi and Bella, ex-Mrs. David Foster, and now the face of Lyme disease. Her elegance reigned supreme, but we can certainly diagnosis a headache for fans who can’t hear the term Munchausen ever again without cringing.

59. Katie Rost (Potomac): She was in a riveting relationship, and we should have seen more!

58. Phaedra Parks (Atlanta): The accomplished attorney (and funeral director) had plenty of quick quips, but she remained reserved about her personal life.

57. Heather Thomson (New York City): Holla! The passionate mother of two was irritating on her first season but earned a place in the hearts of RHONY viewers due to her loyalty to friends.

56. Porsha Williams (Atlanta): The beloved star certainly has made her mark both on camera and off, from her early days asking if the Underground Railroad was underground (!!) to her current day work in the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

Porsha Williams in THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA (Wilford Harewood/Bravo)

55. Alexia Echevarria (Miami): Alexia won over viewers with her openness about her son’s auto accident.

54. Eva Marcille (Atlanta): The America’s Next Top Model winner is unapologetically herself, and we love it.

53. Alex McCord (New York City): Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes, but Alex sure doesn’t. One half of a kooky couple with husband Simon, Alex stuck to her guns—and her Herman Munster shoes—as an RHONY OG. Too bad she moved across the world; otherwise she would have made a great cameo.

52. Shereé Whitfield (Atlanta): Her lines have been meme-worthy over the years, and the brains behind She by Shereé is beloved by all…er, most?

51. Cat Ommanney (D.C.): She went toe-to-toe with Luann de Lesseps on Watch What Happens Live. That definitely counts for something.

50. Lea Black (Miami): The queen of Florida society could have been elevated to icon status if not for Miami’s untimely cancellation.

49. Crystal Kung Minkoff (Beverly Hills): The coconut-crazed founder of Real Coco is married to a film director, so she’s definitely comfortable in front of the reality TV cameras.

48. Eboni K. Williams (New York City): Newest RHONY addition Eboni already corrected Ramona Singer for calling out “the help” in the Season 13 trailer. Seems like there will be some much-needed conversations about etiquette this season! And no, we won’t be using the Countess’ handbook.

47. Camille Grammer (Beverly Hills): Previously dubbed “America’s Most Hated Housewife,” Camille transitioned from despised villain to voice of reason and then back to an onscreen pain. Nowadays, we don’t even think about this pot-stirrer.

46. Shannon Beador (Orange County): Her heartbreaking divorce is still a sore subject, but Shannon proved she will always put her three daughters first—with tequila a close second.

45. Kelly Bensimon (New York City): Yes, she’s ranking this high strictly for Scary Island. Don’t judge.

44. Meredith Marks (Salt Lake City): Her marriage trouble seemed a little staged, but Meredith’s best addition to the series is by far her fashion designer son Brooks, who is known for making the same tracksuit over and over again.

43. Denise Richards (Beverly Hills): The screen icon spent her first season being the lovable, fun woman pals like Brandi Glanville and Lisa Rinna adored. Denise’s second go-round was rife with scandal, lies, and conspiracy theories thanks to her defensive husband. After a series of cease-and-desist letters to Bravo, it’s good riddance, Denise.

42. Michaele Salahi (D.C.): To most, she’s the infamous White House crasher from back in the day, but for Bravo fans, she’s one of the best reality stars on RHODC.

41. LeeAnne Locken (Dallas): She immediately made an impression but proved to be a flash in the pan for the franchise.

40. Drew Sidora (Atlanta): Drew may be mother of the year for the Atlanta Housewives, but she also led the rumors that costars LaToya Ali and Kenya Moore are more than just close pals.

39. Kameron Westcott (Dallas): Kameron married into one of the most prestigious families in Big D—and doesn’t let her fellow Housewives forget it.

38. Danielle Staub (New Jersey): Where do we start with Danielle? Let her seasons (and subsequent GIFs) speak for themselves.

37. Karen Huger (Potomac): Karen brings the nuts to any party.

36. D’Andra Simmons (Dallas): She took on queen bee Brandi Redmond. Props to that.

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - Season 18

D’Andra Simmons of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS (Bravo)

35. Kim Richards (Beverly Hills): Sometimes she’s hard to watch, but Kim has a good heart…and plenty of tea to spill.

34. Kary Brittingham (Dallas): The self-proclaimed feisty star definitely has added a fun twist to the franchise.

33. Whitney Rose (Salt Lake City): The busty blonde is smarter than she seems at first and has quickly become the heart of the series.

32. Dorit Kemsley (Beverly Hills): It’s impossible to hate someone you can’t even recognize! Dorit has gone from lovable newcomer to gossip queen to Puppygate victim. All in all, we just want to be a fly on the wall for her glam squad.

31. Braunwyn Windham-Burke (Orange County): She’s weathered Kelly Dodd’s discriminatory comments and still balances family life with a romance with a new girlfriend. Braunwyn’s journey has certainly come with plenty of surprises.

30. Heather Gay (Salt Lake City): Alongside cousin Whitney, Heather maintained a sense of balance during the first season of the Utah spinoff. Plus her friendship with Jen is just too fun to watch!

29. Margaret Josephs (New Jersey): Remember the infamous hair pull? Well, Margaret is letting it all hang out now.

28. Jill Zarin (New York City): A broken friendship partially led to Jill parting ways with RHONY. Following the death of husband Bobby, fans clamored for Jill to appear on the franchise. Will the fan favorite return, and more importantly, has she learned her lesson from before?

27. Leah McSweeney (New York City): The divisive Married to the Mob designer isn’t shy with her body or beliefs. Is this the new RHONY generation?

26. Teddi Mellencamp (Beverly Hills): Teddi was far more than Kyle’s BFF. Anyone else remember Puppygate? The accountability coach may have put her foot in her mouth a few times, but she always came back to apologize.

25. Carole Radziwill (New York City): The multitalented journalist was a welcome addition to RHONY, but we have to side with Carole’s former BFF Bethenny Frankel on this one.

24. Jen Shah (Salt Lake City): The queen of SLC, Jen quickly became a fan favorite. But her Shah Squad may not feel the same.

23. Alexis Bellino (Orange County): Just don’t get baptized on camera.

22. Garcelle Beauvais (Beverly Hills): Garcelle shook things up on the West Coast with her tell-it-like-it-is attitude and fierce defense of Denise Richards. We can’t wait to see what her second season brings. She already joined talk show The Real after becoming a Bravo household name.

21. Caroline Manzo (New Jersey): Do you wanna fight, or do you wanna fight? The matriarch sparked a spinoff that was canceled only after rumored marriage woes. Could Caroline be back on RHONJ again anytime soon? Fans hope so.

20. Kandi Burruss (Atlanta): The Xscape singer sang a different tune on reality TV, and fans fell for her immediately.

19. Barbara Kavovit (New York City): While just a “friend” of the series, Barbara left her mark during the golden age of RHONY. From her Halloween costumes to her superhuman endurance of cabaret, maybe Barbara does deserve to be mayor of the Big Apple.

18. Brandi Glanville (Beverly Hills): She started her RHOBH career on crutches, but Brandi can certainly stand on her own two feet against any costar. Most people love her or hate her. We love her.

17. Tamra Judge (Orange County): Tamra left her mark on the series and certainly will be missed by fans, but maybe not producers. She allegedly told the crew to “f*** off” when she was offered a “friend” role instead of a full-time position. Tamra is the one who called it quits in the end.

16. Melissa Gorga (New Jersey): She came into her own after the first few seasons and definitely isn’t just Teresa’s sister-in-law anymore.

15. Lisa Rinna (Beverly Hills): With skills in everything from sexy dancing to fierce friendship, Lisa can now confidently add “RHOBH icon” to her résumé.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 10

Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF Beverly Hills (Casey Durkin/Bravo)

14. Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Atlanta): We’re never tardy to this party! Kim was a wonder onscreen, and it’s clear why she deserved her spinoff.

13. Erika Girardi (Beverly Hills): She’s easy to love, but don’t get on Erika’s bad side—they don’t call her Ice Queen for nothing. With a critically acclaimed stint on Broadway and a nasty divorce under her belt, there’s no telling which version of Erika we’ll get next.

12. Dorinda Medley (New York City): The mother of iconic phrases like “clip, clip” and “not well, b****” made every holiday nice. She will certainly be missed on the franchise!

11. Kyle Richards (Beverly Hills): Kyle has been through it all, and following Lisa Vanderpump’s departure, she wore her new crown as queen RHOBH well.

10. Lisa Vanderpump (Beverly Hills): But…but there’s only one true RHOBH OG. When she was good, she was iconic. When she was bad…she left the series. LVP notoriously loves to be in control, and her antics sometimes bit her in the back. But Vanderpump will always be the original RHOBH Lisa.

9. Gizelle Bryant (Potomac): The versatile star is a Bravo treasure.

8. Sonja Morgan (New York City): Who doesn’t love Sonja? The Tipsy Girl toaster oven owner turned fashion designer always knows how to have a great time.

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 12

Sonja Morgan on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY (Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)

7. Vicki Gunvalson (Orange County): She doesn’t have to remind everyone that she’s the OG of OGs, but it’s true.

6. Kenya Moore (Atlanta): There’s a reason she’s a fan favorite, problematic costume choices aside.

5. Bethenny Frankel (New York City): Bethenny will always have a piece of our Bravo hearts. The Skinnygirl founder elevated RHONY, and it was hard to see her go. But on to bigger and better (did you see her new engagement ring?!) things.

4. Teresa Giudice (New Jersey): She went to jail, and still rocks her Housewives title.

3. Ramona Singer (New York City): The Singer Stinger never quits. While going through a shocking split and reinventing herself with a Rejuvenation skincare line, Ramona’s blood type has always been positively Pinot Grigio and we love it.

2. Luann de Lesseps (New York City): Countess, cabaret star, felon…Luann truly is a triple threat. With two husbands under her belt, Luann is now feeling Jovani with her dating life.

1. NeNe Leakes (Atlanta): NeNe is the ultimate Housewife, even if she parted ways with the franchise. RHOA will never be the same.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 12

NeNe Leakes on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA (Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

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