With Future Uncertain, Backstrom Promises No Cliffhangers

Liane Hentscher/Fox

It’s a family affair on the season finale of Backstrom when the cranky, eponymous detective (Rainn Wilson) returns home to the Wabacooche County Indian reservation to investigate a murder. Backstrom and his team soon discover evidence that leads to a Native American drug-dealing operation, which results in an explosive confrontation between Backstrom and his father, Cooch County Sheriff Blue Backstrom (Robert Forster).

“I’ve always thought of Backstrom as a story of redemption,” says creator and executive producer Hart Hanson. “Facing down his father and seeing that he has support in his life that he’s never had before from this motley group of people in the Special Crimes Unit has given Backstrom the impetus he needs to make at least that first step in changing his life.”

Backstrom’s former fiancée, Amy (Sarah Chalke), also plays a significant role in the tension brewing between father and son. “Amy once loved Backstrom very much but left him because she couldn’t change him,” Hanson says. “One of the people who regrets that the most is Blue–he really liked Amy–so maybe that’s when he gave up on his son as well. There’s a great little triangle there.”

As for the future of Backstrom itself, Fox so far hasn’t made a decision regarding a second season for the procedural. However, Hanson promises this episode will not leave fans hanging with a cliffhanger or unresolved questions. “If we don’t come back for Season 2, which is a possibility, it will still be a satisfying end to the story,” he says. “We’ve all got our fingers crossed and are hoping that the passion of our audience will get us through, but it is by no means a slam dunk.”

Backstrom, Season finale, Thursday, April 30, 9/8c, Fox