Lucifer Will Raise Hell in Final Episodes of Season 2

Lucifer - Tom Ellis, finale preview
Lucifer (Tom Ellis) having a good time at his club, Lux

After cooling his heels for an extended midseason break, things are heating up again for the titular devil on Fox’s spirited hit Lucifer. But does that mean somebody’s gonna get burned? Now that Lucifer (the sinfully entertaining Brit Tom Ellis) knows his not-so-heavenly father plotted to make sure his hedonistic spawn wound up working with LAPD hottie Chloe (Lauren German), the fallen angel may really raise some hell as the series hurtles toward its season finale. Ellis gives us the scoop.

It’s a good time to be a bad boy. Lucifer has already been renewed for next season. Yeah, it’s been amazing! The response to the show just continues to grow, and getting that vote of confidence early from Fox, I was obviously hugely chuffed, as we say back home.

What do you think of Lucifer’s arc in Season 2 so far? I think bringing Tricia Helfer in as Mum opened up a whole new world for Lucifer in terms of relationships and the emotion that [having your mother around] brings. He’s very different with different people, and that’s what I love about this character.

Speaking of Mum: In the midseason finale, Lucifer blasted her for her constant manipulations, and then—questioning whether his love for Chloe was even real—left Los Angeles in a huff. Where do we find him in this final batch of episodes? Lucifer has gone through a bit of self-discovery and soul-searching. When we rejoin the action, he’s been away for a few weeks and no one has heard from him. Nobody knows what’s going on. Then, all of a sudden, he turns back up at the police station as if nothing ever happened and introduces everybody to a woman called Candy—Candy Morningstar. And I’ll leave you to guess what that means. [Laughs]

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OK then! What about Chloe? Will this new information regarding Lucifer’s father further delay the two of them inevitably getting together? I have to take my “affectionate” head off and put my “business model” head on here. [Laughs] If this show is going to go on for a while, then the will-they-or-won’t-they storyline between Chloe and Lucifer is something that we’ll have to maintain. They have gotten closer this year, until Lucifer realized it was all part of his dad’s plan. But there’s a lot more of that story to tell.

What do you think it means that Lucifer has developed these deeper, personal connections with people? There’s obviously Chloe, but he’s also grown close with his shrink, Linda (Rachael Harris). He’s even bonded a little bit with Chloe’s ex, Detective Dan (Kevin Alejandro). Lucifer is definitely questioning himself after doing these things, because they’re kind of involuntary. That’s suggesting to him that there is something [decent] within his fabric that he wasn’t aware of.

Is it us or could it be that Lucifer becomes a little more “human” after each trip to Hell? I would say so, for sure. It was quite a humbling place for him and it really affected him. And now he’s got this new life going on back up on Earth. So when he visits Hell, it feels less and less like the home he knew it to be.

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