Samantha Bee Takes on Republicans’ War on Federal Regulations (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee

“We are only one menstrual cycle into this presidency and there is blood in the water.” So began Wednesday night’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. But rather than try to focus on the speeding Russian train wreck that somehow continues to barrel through Washington thanks to our little president that could choo-choo-choosing Vladimir Putin as his permanent Valentine, Sam and co. choo-choo-chose instead to cut through the noise and take a look at what Congress is actually doing while the Trump administration turns the Lincoln Bedroom into a honeymoon suite for their Russian pen pals.

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“While we were all staring directly at the eclipse of national security and democratic norms,” Bee explained, “We’ve been blind to…a Republican congress going hog wild like Amish twins on Rumspringa.”

Want to learn all about the Congressional Review Act and how it was used to pass a bill that would allow coal companies to dump debris into nearby streams, and how congressional republicans almost certainly will use it to take the Endangered Species Act and shoot it, stuff it and use it as a hunting lodge ash tray? Check the clip below and kiss America’s majestic wildlife goodbye.

Bee also took a good hard look at the former “conscience of the Republican Party” turned amoral Trump lapdog Paul Ryan, asking how a “principled social and fiscal conservative like Ryan wind up in bed with a bigoted, adulterous grope machine” like Donald Trump.