Samsung and Fox Fire Up a Virtual ’24: Legacy’ Prequel

prequel to 24- Legacy
Samsung+Fox VR

The clock is ticking down to the return of Fox’s 24 but before 24: Legacy kicks off right after Sunday’s Super Bowl, you might want to take a minute (or six) to get some intel on what’s about to go down.

Presented by Fox and Samsung as content for the Samsung Gear VR (or screening online as 360-degree video) and helmed by Legacy’s executive producer Howard Gordon, “The Raid” is a mini-tale set nine months before the series premiere that follows a team of U.S. Army Rangers led by new hero Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) as they attempt to take out a terrorist leader. In addition to Hawkins, “The Raid” also introduces Homeland‘s Miranda Otto as the new CTU director Rebecca Ingram and sets up the storyline that will keep them both racing time in the new series.

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No word on whether the mission recounted in “The Raid” also turned up any info regarding Jack Bauer’s whereabouts.

24: Legacy, series premiere Sunday, Feb. 5, Fox