What’s in ‘Gotham Knights’ Star Misha Collins’ Queue? ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘The Mandalorian’ & More (VIDEO)

Saving the late Batman’s city — and managing a secret evil side — is far from kid’s play, so it’s nice to know that Misha Collins is at least getting a bit of a break when it comes to his viewing habits… and partners.

“[It’s] all shows I am watching with my children because my children are vegetables who just zone out on television,” joked the Gotham Knights star when he sat down with us in our New York offices. However, given the Collins tots’ excellent taste in TV, we can’t really judge them for it… even if Collins calls himself a bad parent for allowing certain titles to slip in.

“We like to watch a few things together… One of them is Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s inappropriate for children their age,” he notes before listing a couple more shows, including Disney+‘s The Mandalorian, “which we all just love,” and, of course, Gotham Knights. And while the Supernatural alum admits that The CW series may also be a bit too mature for his younger offspring, he finds that there is artistry on screen that they can benefit from.

“The performance of the lead [actor] in the show who plays Harvey Dent is gripping. I think it’s a level of acting we haven’t actually seen on television in decades,” he deadpans about his own work. “It’s transcendent… watching that actor on screen is kind of a spiritual experience.”

And honestly, he would know about being closer to a higher plane, having spent so many years playing an angel.

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