‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Teases Silver Ink Case ‘Will Continue to Unravel Throughout’ Season 2

Mandeep Dhillon and Marg Helgenberger in 'CSI: Vegas'
Monty Brinton/CBS

CSI: Vegas is finally turning some of its focus to the Silver Ink case, first teased at the end of Season 1. The finale closed with a look at someone writing symbols (an invented language, executive producer Jason Tracey told TV Insider at the time). Now, the CSIs are putting together the fact that several of their past cases are connected.

“I can’t say much, but I will say that the Silver Ink mystery will continue to unravel throughout the rest of the season,” series star Jay Lee (who plays Chris Park) tells TV Insider.

Because we know procedurals and we’ve seen it happen before, we can’t help but be worried about something happening to someone on the team. “Yeah, the safety is of concern, but I think Chris, in quoting Max [Paula Newsome], said it best, which is that the CSI’s mind is their best weapon,” Lee says. “And of course as far as defensively, they can only go so far. But I think they’re counting on the protection provided by the unis and whoever else might be around.”

New Serial Killer in CSI Vegas


It was in the last episode of 2022, “In the White Room,” that the CSIs realized connections among key players in several of their cases. A would-be victim, Lamont Moore (Patrick Cage), from an early Season 2 case? He was murdered during the course of their latest investigation. As the Season 2 premiere’s killer, Alan Herskovitz (Joe Gillette), said, “it’s all by design.” And that design included Lamont being told (per a dossier found in his hotel room) to take out the dishwasher, Albert (Alberto Frezza), who killed the chef in “There’s the Rub”; he’d jumped off the roof, but Lamont seems to have been killed because he’d refused to follow orders. Furthermore, thy found a note in Lamonte’s room: “Keep your secrets. Cull the rotten fruit.”

Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) and Max went to see Alan, who wasn’t much help. “You’re already too late,” he said. “There will be more blood, more reckoning, the wheel will spin, and there’s nothing that you or I or anyone can do about it.”

Then some pieces came together when Allie (Mandeep Dhillon) and Serena (Ariana Guerra) found the latest killer, Richard Sloan (Jordan M. Cox). The plan is in motion and “we must not interfere,” he insisted. “The basilisk commands me. The path must be clear. The basilisk knows all. … You help or suffer. I had to find Lamont Moore. The basilisk is very clear. Let no one stand in its way.”

Allie discovered later that the “basilisk” is an internet thought experiment about an omniscient artificial intelligence. Supposedly in the future, it will torment anyone who doesn’t do its bidding. Richard thought an AI from future was telling him to kill Lamont. True believers in the basilisk think the AI will kill anyone who tries to stop its rise to power or anyone who fails to help it. But of course this isn’t an AI, but a person manipulating others.

And that person now has a photo of Catherine, Max, and Penny (Sarah Gilman): He hacked Richard’s computer, in the Crime Lab’s possession, and snapped it before Penny could close the screen. Uh-oh. How worried should we be?

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