George & Mayan Lopez on How Close ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ Is to Real Life (VIDEO)

The new NBC comedy Lopez vs. Lopez is George Lopez’s fourth time playing a fictional version of himself, but this time around there’s something new: he’s costarring with his real-life twentysomething offspring, Mayan. There’s another twist — at one point, Mayan didn’t speak to her dad for about three years.

The pandemic brought them closer together, and her TikToks with her divorced parents inspired the idea for a sitcom about a father and daughter reconnecting. “The show doesn’t veer away from issues, which I’ve never really done on TV,” George Lopez says. “Mayan’s a great actress and comedian, so to be able to go to work and see her every day is something.” Here the father and daughter preview their new series.

The sitcom, premiering Friday, November 4, begins with down-on-his-luck George helping his daughter renovate her kitchen, but it’s not long before he’s moving in with her, her boyfriend Quinten (Matt Shively), and her 7-year-old son Chance (Brice Gonzalez).

As for how closely real life and these fictional characters are connected, Mayan says, “It gets pretty close, I will say. We are playing different versions of ourselves but I think a lot in Lopez vs. Lopez is based on our real relationship. It’s also based on the relationship with the writers, and just father-daughter relationships as a whole.”

While George’s character has made many mistakes over the years with Mayan and their entire family, he’s ready to step up… or at least try. What inspires George to do so? “Time goes by faster than we think,” Lopez explains. “George doesn’t want to live without her for the rest of his life. He’s willing to take responsibility for the betterment of their relationship.”

For more on the new series, watch the above interview with the Lopezes.

Lopez vs. Lopez, Series Premiere, Friday, November 4, 8/7c, NBC