‘The Good Fight’: Audra McDonald Teases Ri’chard’s Connection to Liz’s Father (VIDEO)

The sixth and final season of Paramount+’s The Good Fight is off and running, and it’s taken more than a few episodes to get a sense of whether new STR Laurie partner Ri’chard Lane (Andre Braughter) is more friend or foe to the other partners. He and fellow partner Liz Reddick (Audra McDonald) have been butting heads since he joined the firm this season but the October 6 episode pulls the curtain back a little bit more for Liz and for viewers when Liz visits Ri’chard at his home.

“She’s absolutely got a very specific idea of who Ri’chard is and all of that’s blown out of the water when she steps into his house,” McDonald teases. “It’s blown out of the water as she’s on the street before she even walks into his house. And it humanizes him for her to a degree.”

For longtime fans of The Good Fight, the mention of Liz’s deceased father always brings up an undercurrent of emotions from Liz, given the man’s complicated history with women during his law career. When it comes up again with Ri’chard, who has a yet-to-be-revealed tie to the man, viewers should take note.

“There is a connection and that’s I think all I can say,” McDonald says, “and yes, you were absolutely right that every time her father comes up, I mean that’s the demon she’s been running from and trying to sort of reconcile with ever since the disclosure happened in, I think, Season 3 about what her father actually was.”

The actress also talks about saying goodbye to Liz since the series has wrapped production and the final episodes are airing now. “I just was surprised at how emotional I did get,” she says. “I loved playing Liz but it’s OK, I’m glad that the Kings [series creators Robert and Michelle King] decided to say goodbye to the show at a time where the show still felt very strong and very fresh.”

Watch the full interview above.

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