‘Ghosts’ Season 2 Teaser Questions if Jay Can See the Spirits of Woodstone (VIDEO)

Ghosts Season 2 cast teaser

Ghosts Season 2 doesn’t arrive until September 29 on CBS, but that doesn’t mean the livings and spirits of Woodstone aren’t busy at work.

In a fun video shared on the show’s Twitter page, couple Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) are offering fans an update on the progress of their bed and breakfast as the ghosts offer their own supernatural revelations of their own and a fresh teaser offers a sneak peek at what’s to come. Could they be hints at what’s to come when the show returns? Only time will tell for certain, but they’re fun updates nonetheless.

“Hello from Woodstone,” Sam greets fans at the beginning of the tease which features a Woodstone B&B postcard. “We’ve been keeping busy with house projects, so the B&B will be ready to welcome guests in September.” This revelation might mean something to viewers as Sam and Jay face a setback in the Season 1 finale when a hole opened up in the floor of their estate’s entrance. Could this mean that the proper repairs have been made?

“Our spirits are high,” Sam promises when Jay jumps in to say, “good one babe.” He then goes on to ask a seemingly important question, “Wait, are the spits like high, high?” Of course, there’s really only one spirit at Woodstone that’s constantly high and that’s Hippie Flower (Sheila Carrasco).

“Summer’s super groovy here. And you can just lay in the grass and watch all the clouds turn those far out colors,” Flower notes, proving Sam’s point about being high. Then there’s Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) who teases the continuation of his afterlife affair, saying, “Nigel is having a great summer too. Though our opinions differ on government, we both enjoy absolutely ridiculing Hamilton.”

And in a new teaser, below, viewers are getting a peek at the results of Sam and Jay’s fall through the floor. Could it be possible that Jay’s now gained Sam’s ability to see the ghosts of Woodstone? Fans will have to wait until September to find out, but if the promo’s any indication, there are plenty of laughs ahead.

Check out the fun update video, above, catch your first footage from Season 2, below, and don’t miss Ghosts‘ return to TV this fall on CBS.

Ghosts, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, September 29, 9/8c, CBS