Could ‘Gentleman Jack’ Be Saved? Creator Sally Wainwright Teases Possible Season 3

Suranne Jones in Gentleman Jack - Season 2
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Sally Wainwright has not given up on Gentleman Jack Season 3. The show’s creator says her team is brainstorming ways to get a third season made following Gentleman Jack‘s cancellation at HBO. According to Wainwright, BBC is still keen to make more episodes (the show was a collaboration between BBC and HBO), but they need another network to help the show stay globally accessible.

Gentleman Jack stars Suranne Jones (Vigil) as Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders) as Ann Walker — the first women to ever marry in England. The drama brought the real-life 1800s romance to life with the help of Lister’s extensive diaries, which were meticulously detailed and partially written in code. Season 1 tracked the events leading up to Anne and Ann’s (nicknamed Adne in Season 2) secret wedding, and then Season 2 showed their new married life. The period drama boasts an avid fanbase thanks to the representation for queer women it provided, and it even led to a statue being erected in Lister’s honor and increased tourism in her hometown of Halifax (there was already a plaque commemorating the couple’s wedding).

“Well, I think we all are [gutted],” Wainwright told of the show’s cancellation. “It’s been a bit of a surprise really because it’s been doing really well, certainly in this country. We were ready to go again, the BBC certainly [is] up for going again.”

BBC has not canceled the series, but HBO’s departure from the partnership has put Season 3 production in limbo.

“I think if HBO had been up for it, there’d have been no question,” Wainwright said of a third installment. “It’s been a very successful show in all areas for them — it’s had fantastic reviews, it’s had a very respectable audience and on top of that it’s had an impact on the community of gay women. We have the most extraordinary fanbase, they organize all sorts of events.”

Following HBO’s announcement, BBC said in a statement that it’s “in discussions” with Wainwright about “what’s next,” per RadioTimes. But now, it needs a new production partner.

“I think [it] wouldn’t want to continue with it without it having the same production values,” Wainwright said of the possibility of BBC producing solo. “So we would need to find another partner who would stream it globally. You know, I think all those other options are being explored at the minute given that there is a desire to go on with it amongst quite a lot of people – the BBC, Lookout Point, myself, you know.”

In another interview, the creator told RadioTimes that Gentleman Jack Season 3, based on the contents of Lister’s remaining diaries, would be “juicy.”

“We have had the diary transcribed for a possible third series and, you know, I haven’t read them all yet because I didn’t want to tempt fate but I know a lot of what’s in there and it’s good stuff, it’s juicy stuff, it would make great drama,” Wainwright said. “The kind of thing you’d love to see Suranne getting her laughing gear around as an actor, you know? It could be wonderful, but we’ll see.”


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Jones and Rundle expressed their gratitude to the fans on their Instagrams, each of them thanking all those involved for helping bring Anne and Adne’s romance to the screen. Fans are vocalizing their support for the show under the #SaveGentlemanJack hashtag in hopes to bring the stars back for more.

“If someone doesn’t save SENSATIONAL period series #GentlemanJack, a queer triumph, based on a true story and just marvelously performed & produced in all aspects – I WILL riot,” one fan tweeted.

New to Twitter as of today. Only here to add my voice to the #SaveGentlemanJack campaign. This isn’t just another tv show. It changed lives,” another tweeted. “@spiceyw deserves to finish telling Anne & Ann’s brave story to the end. Really hope @BBC @LookoutPointTV can find a way to continue this.”

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