5 Things to Know About PaleyFest 2022

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Hard to believe but it’s year 39 for The Paley Center for Media’s annual PaleyFest event, which kicks off 10 glorious days of celebrating television’s best from April 2-10 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

“We only look 29,” laughs Rene Reyes, Vice President of Public Programming and Festivals. “But if you look at the continuum of television across these 39 editions from events with Lucille Ball and Milton Berle and the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Carol Burnett Show all the way through Amy Poehler and Ava DuVernay and the cast of Parks and Recreation, all the way to our lineup this year, it’s pretty great company to be in and we’ve been able to do it across all these years.”

Here’s what we can expect.

There’s something for everyone

The full panel schedule can be found here but this year’s lineup has young and hip programming like Netflix’s Emily in Paris and the CW’s Riverdale, buzzy shows like HBO Max’s Hacks and one of the hottest fall shows, CBS comedy Ghosts. “We do work hard on trying to have a great mix in a lineup that reflects the landscape of television as it currently is,” Reyes says. “We are experiencing another golden age of television, but a golden age that has expanded the amount of television across so many different platforms.”

Big shows are coming full-circle

Several of the series on the 2022 roster are heading toward their final seasons. Among them, Better Call Saul will have a panel to commemorate it’s upcoming sixth and final year. Also, in the cases of NBC’s This Is Us and black-ish, their being a part of PaleyFest is even more special. “We premiered both shows at our fall TV preview event before they were broadcasting,” Reyes says. “We did some of the first panels that they ever did. Then, we had them at PaleyFest proper and now, they’re back again for the finale, for the home stretch. It’s heartening to be able to have them back right now.”

Also, stars such as Jean Smart, who will be there for the Hacks panel, will be returning to the Paley stage. “From Designing Women to other shows that she’s been on through the years like 24, to have her back at this point, when she’s had this incredible year with both Mare of Easttown and also Hacks is really thrilling,” says Reyes.

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PaleyFest will be an “in person” event for the first time in three years

Thanks to COVID, the last PaleyFest with a crowd happened in spring 2019! “PaleyFest is offering Paley Members and devoted TV fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the stars and creative talent behind some of television’s biggest hits,” says Paley Center President and CEO Maureen J. Reidy. “We thank our friends at Citi, The William S. Paley Foundation, and our studio and network partners, for their continued support in making PaleyFest possible.”​ Some of those panels include an event celebrating NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and newbie NCIS: Hawaii. “That’s our biggest event that we’ve ever done! Three panels in one event, over 30 people on stage!” exclaims Reyes. “That’s going to be fun.” Also, wouldn’t you rather see the cast of The CW’s Superman & Lois, Netflix’s Cobra Kai and CBS’s The Neighborhood in person instead of over a zoom panel? (I know I would!)

Being a Paley Center Member has benefits

If you love television and aren’t a Paley Center member, you’re missing out on being part of a great community of TV lovers. “PaleyFest is the perfect entrée, and a great gateway-member event if you become a member, because you see what we do in terms of live events in the best way possible,” Reyes says. “You’re seeing it in this incredible theater, but you’re also getting a sense of what we do all year long, because of course, we do live events throughout the year outside of the festival, but also, the core of what we do is all based on celebrating and preserving the great history of television.” The Paley Center for Media also has an amazing archive with over 160,000 shows and events.

Order your tickets today

While Paley Center members have already been able to book their way in, tickets are available to the public today and can be ordered on the PaleyFest website. Events do sell out so order as soon as possible.

For more information on PaleyFest and to order tickets for the 39th annual event, visit their website. For more information on the Paley Center for Media, visit the website.