‘Shining Vale’ First Look: Courteney Cox & Greg Kinnear Settle Into a Spooky House

Shining Vale - Greg Kinnear and Courteney Cox

Friends star Courteney Cox perfected her terrified shrieks in the Scream movie franchise, and she’ll need some in Starz’s upcoming Shining Vale, premiering Sunday, March 6.

In the comedic horror series, Cox plays creatively blocked novelist Pat Phelps, who tries to repair her family following a shameful infidelity.

A fresh start with husband Terry (Greg Kinnear, above, with Cox), their two teenage kids, and pooch Roxie in Shining Vale, Connecticut, seems like a good plan…until Pat starts hearing and seeing ghostly things nobody else does. With friends like those…!

Shining Vale, Series Premiere, Sunday, March 6, 2022, 10/9c, Starz