Jocko Sims Says Reynolds’ Secret Will Come Out in ‘New Amsterdam’ Season 4 (VIDEO)

New Amsterdam’s fourth season sees the brilliant, straight-laced Doctor Reynolds (Jocko Sims) in a tricky position.

Always on the lookout for the woman he’s going to settle down with, Reynolds took a left turn last season when he fell for the entrancing Dr. Lyn Malvo (Frances Turner)…who also happens to be married. Despite her open marriage, their fling turned more serious, and was given the ultimate twist in the season finale when Reynolds met and was promoted by a surgeon at the hospital named Dr. Claude Baptiste (Andre B. Blake), who turned out to be Malvo’s husband.

“What’s interesting about Dr. Reynolds is he’s always been very structured. He has his life planned out. He wants to have his woman, his family, and the traditional thing, but clearly he’s found himself a bit in over his head,” Sims tells TV Insider. But whether Baptiste already knows what’s going on between Reynolds and his wife, or he’s completely in the dark, the relationship can’t stay secret for long. “At some point, the cat’s got to come out of the bag,” says Sims.

On the plus side, being promoted to Deputy Chair of Surgery means that Reynolds is back in a high-level position at the hospital, and will surely be bound to have some fascinating cases. In terms of what this means to Sims – “My favorite part for Reynolds is that he gets to wear suits again.”

Watch the video above for our interview with Sims about everything that’s in store for Reynolds is Season 4 of the NBC medical drama.

New Amsterdam, Season 4 Premiere, Tuesday, September 21, 10/9c, NBC