At the Heart of Apple TV+’s Alien ‘Invasion’ Is a ‘Human Drama’ — Get a Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Sam Neill as John Bell Tyson in Invasion
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“It’s a human drama about people whose lives were broken, or about to be broken, before the aliens showed up,” says Invasion cocreator Simon Kinberg (The Martian) of this gorgeously filmed global thriller. “The invasion is this magnifying glass, but it’s about characters dealing with infidelity, the loss of a loved one or falling in love.”

Sam Neill leads the ensemble as rural American sheriff John Bell Tyson, who’s one day away from retirement. His instinct to try to solve a missing-persons mystery leads him straight into the heart of a close encounter of the third kind—that puts him in danger.

We also follow a homesick American soldier (Shamier Anderson) in the Middle East; an immigrant mother (Golshifteh Farahani) who’s sacrificed her career for her unfaithful husband; a bullied British boy (Billy Barratt) with a crush; and a brilliant Japanese aerospace technician (Shioli Kutsuna) hiding her same-sex love affair with an astronaut.

“This show is built to make you feel,” Kinberg says. “It’s the hopefulness: How do these people become whole?”

Check out an exclusive sneak peek at a thrilling moment from the premiere of the series below:

Invasion, Series Premiere, Friday, October 22, Apple TV+


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