‘Animal Kingdom’: Pope’s Become ‘a Little Bit of a Liability’ (VIDEO)


We all have family issues. But in Season 5 of this adrenalized crime drama, Andrew “Pope” Cody’s are on another level.

Pope (Shawn Hatosy, above left) is still reeling from his standoff with his manipulative mother, Smurf (Ellen Barkin), who threatened to shoot him if he didn’t kill her before her cancer did. He and his ruthless brothers, new dad Craig (Ben Robson) and surfer-bar owner Deran (Jake Weary), were just as shocked as Animal Kingdom viewers when they watched their stone-cold nephew, J (Finn Cole, above center), put a bullet in the queenpin.

“She was in charge for so long. She kept these guys safe. She kept them in order. And the question really becomes whether they can survive without her,” says Hatosy.

Honestly, it’s not looking good. In the July 11 season premiere, Pope trusted the wrong people (his equally vicious cousins!), resulting in a thrilling nighttime ambush of the Cody home, a body count he intended to avoid and the loss of $1 million in gold. And the guys could really use that money: Smurf left her entire estate to a woman they don’t know, Pamela Johnson.

Watch an exclusive clip below where we first meet the adult version of Pamela:

So far, we’ve only seen the fierce friend in flashbacks to the ’70s and ’80s, when Pope and his late twin sister, Julia, were children and Smurf (a feisty Leila George), already pulling heists, had yet to settle in Oceanside, California. This week, as crafty J and Deran continue to jockey for power, one of them pays the mysterious Johnson (Charlayne Woodard) a visit.

“The boys don’t know how she’s going to feel about [them wanting their share]. There’s going to be a price,” Hatosy hints.

Shawn Hatosy Animal Kingdom Season 5 Epiosde 3 Pope


While the others try to move forward, the enigmatic Pope remains in a painful limbo. His recent blackouts get worse. This time, he wakes up in a trailer park with no idea how he got there or what he may have done—and ends up in a hospital for a psych evaluation.

“That’s scary for the brothers, because they don’t know what Pope is saying. He’s become a little bit of a liability,” Hatosy previews. “By the end of [the episode], Pope comes to a couple of realizations. One of them he has never articulated before.” When this man of few words and TV’s most intimidating stare talks, you listen.

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