‘The Bachelorette’: Thomas Wants to Be the Next Bachelor (RECAP)

Thomas Jacobs and Katie Thurston in The Bachelorette - Season 17
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Episode 3 of The Bachelorette picks up right in the middle of the heated cocktail party, with Katie Thurston trying to figure out which of the remaining men have ulterior motives thanks to Karl’s vague comments.. Read on for tonight’s recap to find out who goes home, who isn’t there for the right reasons, and why the heck former Bachelor star Nick Viall shows up.

So after breaking down in tears, Katie tells the men that she’s cutting the cocktail party short and they’re going straight to the rose ceremony. Naturally, the men blame Karl for this abrupt change of plans, as he’s the one who planted doubt and confusion in Katie’s mind. Still, Karl remains adamant that there are multiple men who are using the show for fame (aren’t they all?) — but he won’t reveal who he’s referring to.

During the rose ceremony, Mike P. drops a major bomb on Katie. As he’s about to accept a rose, he informs her that the men, as a collective group, all agree that Karl needs to go home. After some deliberation, Katie decides ultimately not to give Karl a rose, and he leaves the mansion without saying a word. That was exhausting. See you in Paradise, Karl.


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The group date

Aaron, Quartney, James, Connor B., David, Justin, Thomas, Hunter, and Brendan are all invited on the first group date of the week, and familiar face Nick Viall is the one hosting.

Humble as ever, Nick introduces himself to the men. Like, on the off chance they’ve never watched the 10th or 11th season of The Bachelorette, or the third season of Bachelor in Paradise … or the 21st season of The Bachelor, they may just think he’s a random dude showing up to help Katie out. So Nick tells the men that they’re going to be airing out all of their dirty laundry on this date.

The Bachelorette

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“Today’s about being truthful,” Nick explains. “And sharing with Katie the things that we’re maybe not so proud of. Stories like people who have lead women on, ghosted, cheating, someone trying to be the next Bachelor.” Now it’s not lost on me that the guy who’s been on approximately a million Bachelor shows is the one who’s grilling these men, but I digress.


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It doesn’t take long for the tears to start flowing as the men start to open up about their pasts. Hunter opens up about his failed marriage while Connor B. details his history with alcohol and how it lead him to cheating on his previous girlfriend.

When it’s Thomas’ turn to share his story, he takes a different approach. He comes off very calculated, like he’s trying hard to portray a certain image of himself. He admits that he signed up for the show not knowing Katie (well, duh). He then adds that he was aware of the platform the show could offer. He goes on to talk about the connection he shares with Katie, but he’s clearly smart enough to know that a connection with Katie equals more airtime. And more airtime equals more Instagram followers. So I’m not buying this. I’m onto you, Thomas.

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Katie ends up sharing her own dark story — one that none of the men saw coming. Clearly emotional, Katie tells the group that while she’s a sex-positive woman today, she wasn’t always that way. She explains that a decade ago, she was “involved in a situation where there wasn’t consent.” This horrific incident led her to have an “unhealthy relationship with sex.”

“It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am now,” she explains. “I’ve come a long way.”

Later that evening at the cocktail party, Katie questions Thomas about his “red flags.” Like a true manipulator, Thomas dodges the question while telling her everything he thinks she wants to hear. He even asks her where she wants to live when they get engaged because they can “buy a house wherever they want.” Ugh. Can he go home now please?

Despite having a lengthy conversation, Thomas proceeds to interrupt Aaron during his one-on-one time with her so he can get more time with her. This guy knows what he’s doing a little too well — and the other men are picking up on that. He tells Katie that he hasn’t felt this way about a woman in a long time and the two end up making out. Eye roll.

Getting extra time with Katie is basically a crime in the Bachelorette world, so naturally, the men let Thomas have it once he’s back from his second chat. Still, despite the extra face time with Thomas, it’s Connor B. who nabs the group date rose.

Michael A.’s one-on-one date

It couldn’t be a better time for Michael A. to get a one-on-one date with Katie. Earlier in the week, Michael shared with a couple of the men about how his wife, Laura, passed away two years ago. He’s been eager to open up to Katie about his emotional past, but needed the extended alone time.

On the date, Michael wins over all of America with his sweetness. He tells Katie that while the show technically “ends with an engagement,” it also “begins with an engagement.” Oh, Michael. My heart. This dude is leading role material. He comes off so genuine, precious, and pure-hearted. The complete opposite of Thomas.

During dinner, Michael opens up about Laura and how she passed of breast cancer months after welcoming their son, James. He breaks down in tears as he explains how he had to pick up the pieces of his life after losing his partner. “I know what it’s like to love. I know what it’s like to give everything. I have finally gotten to this place where I’m ready to open up my heart,” he says. “What a gift to be able to fall in love twice.”

Katie happily offers Michael the rose, acknowledging that she’s also offering it to his son, James.

“I think this could be the start of me falling in love with Michael,” she admits in her confessional. Me too, Katie. Me too.

Back at the house…

The men can’t stop talking about how manipulative Thomas is, so they decide to confront him head on. Hunter flat out asks Thomas if he’s ever thought about being the next Bachelor, and once again, he proves just how horrible he is at answering direct questions. After repeating the question multiple times, he finally confesses that yes, OBVIOUSLY, he has thought about being the next lead.

Good luck, Thomas. You just sealed your fate.

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