8 New Couples We Could See in the Next TV Season

New TV Couples Next Season
Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Michael Yarish/CBS; Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Some TV shows ended their seasons earlier than expected due to real world events shutting down production. But there are a number of series that have already been (or are locks to be) renewed, so we're looking ahead to what could be coming up, whenever filming resumes.

Quite a few series — especially procedurals like NCIS and Law & Order: SVU — have been teasing will they/won't they couples for a while now. And it wouldn't be a medical drama — like Grey's Anatomy or New Amsterdam — without at least a little romance.

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Which producers are feeling hopeful about their shows' futures?

Scroll down for a look at the not-yet-but-likely-soon couples that could grace our TV screen next season.

New TV Couple Next Season Chicago PD Halstead Upton
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Chicago P.D.'s Halstead and Upton

It seems like every time Halstead and Upton had the chance to take a step forward, something (work-related) got in the way. And showrunner Rick Eid said that the plan had been “to bring it to a boil at the end of the season,” before ending it early. Still, there’s hope that they’ll finally cross that line from friends and partners to more.

“We’ll see what feels organic and credible, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see these two open up about their true feelings for one another,” he continued. “Question is: Will they act on it? Will they risk jeopardizing their fantastic working relationship to pursue a romantic relationship?”

New TV Couple Next Season Chicago Fire Brett Casey
Adrian Burrows/NBC

Chicago Fire's Brett and Casey

Brett and Casey continued their dance filled with significant moments that were interrupted or went nowhere in Season 8 — through a return from Casey’s ex-wife Dawson — and chances are that will continue. While the series has already been renewed for three more seasons, here’s hoping that we don’t have to wait that long for these two to address their feelings, whether it leads somewhere or not.

New TV Couple Next Season Chicago Med Natalie Marcel
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Chicago Med's Natalie and Marcel

Season 5 set up potential new romances for both Natalie and Will, but only his went somewhere (and is likely headed for a messy breakup, to be honest). Natalie grew closer to Marcel, only for it to look like he’s pulling away after he found out she knows about the child he lost. Will they be the next new relationship at Med?

New TV Couple Next Season NCIS Bishop Torres
Michael Yarish/CBS

NCIS' Bishop and Torres

NCIS fans already went through the will they/won’t they with Tony and Ziva for years, and now they’re (im)patiently waiting to see Bishop and Torres address the elephant in the room. That may come in Season 18.

“They’ve become very close and very dependent upon each other, and our show has a history of playing with relationships like that,” executive producer Frank Cardea said. “We will pursue that. We’ll keep looking at that.”

New TV Couple Next Season Law Order SVU Carisi Rollins
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Law & Order: SVU's Rollins and Carisi

“There is something more there,” Peter Scanavino acknowledged after his character turned down drinks with Rollins in the finale. But the question is whether or not we’ll see anything happen between the two, especially given how close they are and how much they depend on each other. Even so, it’s time that something happens, whether they cross that line or decide to shut the door on the possibility.

New TV Couple Next Season The Resident Mina AJ
Guy D'Alema/FOX

The Resident's Mina and AJ

Something that the Fox medical drama has done well is address the fact that Mina and AJ could probably be together but are very much respecting the mentor/mentee relationship already in place.

“The tug of war and the push and pull of their professional careers versus their personal is very satisfying, and to me, there’s still a lot of drama and twists and turns left to be mined,” executive producer Todd Harthan said. “They’re so great together. They have such great chemistry, so we just want to make sure we don’t leave a bunch of interesting story on the table by rushing the progression.” Doesn’t it sound like a probable Season 4 could include those two taking that important step forward?

New TV Couple Next Season Grey's Anatomy Meredith Hayes
ABC/Gilles Mingasson

Grey's Anatomy's Meredith and Hayes

While Grey’s does seem to be putting Meredith and DeLuca back on track, it’s also setting up a love triangle with Hayes (a.k.a. McWidow, a.k.a. Cristina’s gift). Meredith and Hayes have bonded, and it’s likely that will go somewhere or at the very least be addressed in Season 17.

New TV Couple Next Season New Amsterdam Max Helen
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

New Amsterdam's Max and Helen

Helen may have chosen to go out with Shin rather than do paperwork with the now single Max — something showrunner David Schulner called “a very micro decision about one particular evening, but … also a macro decision about where Sharpe sees herself in the future” — but that doesn’t mean Sharpwin fans should give up hope.

“When were Max and Sharpe going to address that almost combustible kiss or something that happened in Episode 16? That was going to be a big part of the finale,” the EP revealed. “Everything was going to come out and we were going to have a big come to Jesus moment between them. That’ll happen eventually.” So, while Season 3 is going to take into account what’s happening in the world, it could also very well include something major happening between Max and Helen.