7 Reasons ‘The Village’ Deserved a Second Season (PHOTOS)

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The Village - Season 1
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The Village 110 Katie

Katie Just Became a Mother

Despite spending most of the season planning to give her baby up for adoption — and even seemingly finding the right prospective parents — Katie (Grace Van Dien) decided she wanted to keep her son. However, Sarah (Michaela McManus) warned her that it could be hard. “The doctors are worried about how long he didn’t breathe,” she explained. “He may have been oxygen-deprived after the abruption, too.”

Would Katie have been able to be a mother and continue her education or get a job? We saw her struggle with the pregnancy and worry for her baby, especially in the finale. We should have gotten to see what happened next for her and Cooper (and the rest of the Village residents with a baby around, assuming she moved back in with her mother).

The Village - Season 1
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The Outcome of Patricia’s Surgery Was Uncertain

The same day Katie gave birth to Cooper, Patricia (Lorraine Toussaint) went in to have her cancer taken out. But the last time we saw her in the finale, she was being put under. There was a happy ending for Katie’s medical emergency, but what if something went wrong during Patricia’s surgery?

Patricia had been there for the rest of the building’s residents. Assuming she lived — because there was no other acceptable outcome — this would have been the perfect time to see them all be there for her, even if she didn’t want them to be.

The Village relationships
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There Was a Lot of (Potential) Love

Other than Ron (Frankie Faison) and Patricia, the romantic relationships were in their beginning stages on The Village. Sarah and Ethan’s (Austin Nichols) first date was cut short when she needed to get to the hospital to Katie, but he brought her food and they were on track at least for a second date at the end of the finale.

Katie and Liam (Ben Ahlers) were just getting started and had to see if they could navigate a relationship while she raised Cooper. Enzo (Dominic Chianese) and Gwendolina (Mary Beth Peil) got engaged, but they did just meet.

Still, it was sweet to watch these couples fall in love (or perhaps realize they weren’t right for each other).

Then there was Sarah and Nick (Warren Christie). They had such a complicated history, and while things might not have worked out when they gave it another try, they were still part of each other’s lives. Would they get another chance? Viewers deserved to find out.

The Village - Season 1
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Nick Was Finally Embracing Being Katie’s Father

Nick had to figure some things out about himself before he could step up and even begin to think about being the father Katie deserves. And in the finale, he took an important step, staying in the hospital waiting room while she was in labor, even though he might not have gotten to see her.

The Village - Season 1
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The Village Residents Were a Family

In that building, it didn’t matter who was related by blood. They were all a family. They rallied behind one another in times of need — from Ava’s (Moran Atias) immigration issues to Katie having her baby — and a second season would have offered the opportunity to see that continue and perhaps see new dynamics among the current residents and even new people who moved in.

The Village - Season 1
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It Wasn’t a Splashy Show — and That Was a Good Thing

Sure, with all of the other options on television these days, series with big, shocking moments are the ones that keep viewers tuning in every week. But that doesn’t mean every show needs to be like that.

The Village might not have people buzzing the next day — the finale could have easily ended with Patricia flatlining in the OR as a way to try to do just that — but it was a feel-good show with ongoing character arcs that tugged at the heartstrings.

The Village - Season 1
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It Had a Strong Ensemble Cast

Some characters might have stood out more than others, but we cared about all of them and every single one of the actors, including those who only recurred, was worth watching.

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The Village might have only been 10 episodes, but that was enough to introduce viewers to a new kind of family worth watching. Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to tune in to see more of the building’s residents because NBC canceled the series.

The drama began when Nick (Warren Christie) moved into the building, and little did the others know, he turns out to be the father of one of the other residents. What followed was a complicated tale of the truth, lies, and consequences as the family tried to figure out how to make things work.

But the show wasn’t just about those three figuring things out. Their neighbors had their own problems, and fortunately for everyone involved, this community was a family, one that helped its own, no matter what.

The series finale aired May 21 and had a quiet but hopeful ending. (We were, however, worried about Patricia’s surgery and baby Cooper’s health.) Now we won’t have the chance to see what would have happened next.

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