The 8 Most Disturbing ‘WTF’ Moments in ‘Servant’ So Far

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Extreme cults, dark humor, and grotesque food — it’s safe to say that Servant is one of the weirdest shows out there.

From executive producer M. Night Shyamalan, the Apple TV+ original series follows a Philadelphia couple — Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean (Toby Kebbell) — who suffer from parental grief and invite a stranger, Leanne (Nell Tiger Free), to nanny their reborn doll.

This disturbing universe reveals several chaotic twists that are deeply unsettling and, at times, mind-numbingly cryptic. Servant can be frustrating due to its ambiguous nature and its slow-boil narrative, but it also has many sterling horror elements that make this a perfect October binge.

As we wait for the third season (filming has already wrapped), we can rewatch the first two and revisit some of the show’s wildest scenes … like the ones below.

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Jericho's Rebirth Doll in Servant
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Jericho / The Doll

One of the creepiest parts of this show is the eerie presence of Jericho and the reborn doll that temporarily replaces him. Dorothy is in denial that she’s lost her son and believes the doll is real, which Leanne then brings to life. Jericho’s death functions as the centerpiece of this show, but this new infant awakens several mysteries that leave you distressed — and humbly validates your irrational fears towards creepy dolls.

Toby Kebbell as Sean in Servant
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Sean's Splinters

Throughout the first season, Sean is afflicted by giant splinters that are lodged in unfortunate areas, like his throat. He also loses his sense of touch and taste. It is assumed that Leanne is responsible for these splinters, as they are similar to the ones of her handmade cross, the one he threw in the garbage. Although it’s probably alarming to find splinters inside of you, it’s just as horrifying watching Sean pull them out.

Nell Tiger Free as Leanne in Servant
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Leanne's Self-Lashing

These images may be triggering for those with self-harm experiences, so proceed with caution.

Whenever Leanne does something wrong, she corrects herself by repeatedly whipping her back while reciting a prayer. These intimate moments demonstrate Leanne’s low self-esteem and her lack of identity, as this is clearly a ritual she was trained to do, even in private. These self-lashings are wildly uncomfortable to watch, yet they happen frequently throughout the series and are shocking every time.

Lobster Ice Cream in Servant
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Grotesque Shots of Food

Since Sean is a stay-at-home consulting chef, food is a prevalent motif in Servant. However, with the close-up shots of raw meat and unusual ingredients, the show is essentially food porn that turns you off from eating ever again. We are obligated to follow Sean as he chops an eel’s head off, cooks dead rabbits, forces Leanne to eat a sugared cricket, and eats lobster ice cream. We haven’t even mentioned the fact that he puts his dead son’s placenta in a pastry dish. The food in this show is supposed to be considered “culinary excellence” but all it does is drive you to consider “maybe fast food isn’t that bad.”

Nell Tiger Free as Leanne in Servant
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The Attic

In Season 2, we are introduced to new areas of the Turner house, with the attic becoming a significant backdrop. Dorothy holds Leanne hostage in the attic, hoping she will eventually disclose where Jericho is hidden. The attic is filled with creepy props — like antiques, mannequins, and Christmas lights — which create this petrifying atmosphere that Leanne later finds comfort in.

Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy in Servant
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Dorothy Sleepwalking / Tormenting Leanne

In the episode “2:00,” Dorothy becomes progressively violent while visiting and interrogating Leanne as she demands she tells her where Jericho is. Dorothy puts Leanne in a chokehold, strikes her skull, and buries her alive in their basement’s dirt hole. These erratic episodes of rage and violence are particularly hard to keep watching and will compel you to ask “WTF is going on?”

Boris Mcgiver as Uncle George in Servant
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Uncle George

One character that brings utter chaos wherever they go is Leanne’s uncle, George (Boris McGiver). Uncle George is the source of revelations about Leanne, but he also exhibits the most eerie behaviors. We discover him sleeping in Jericho’s crib, going into catatonic states, and performing loud obscure noises at the dinner table. But topping the list is when we see him in a bizarre scene repeatedly slamming his head against a wall, bloodying himself, while blasting The B-52’s “Love Shack.” He’s Servant‘s equivalent of everyone’s strange distant uncle at family reunions.

Church of Lesser Saints in Servant
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Cult Rituals

Towards the end of Season 2, we learn more about The Church of the Lesser Saints and their reunion ritual, which is designed to “purify” rebellious cult-members. As seen on a Betamax tape, an informative video of the ritual reveals it involves the process of mutilating, blinding, and killing the members — and Leanne is expected to be the next victim. Although this tradition is inhumane, these cult followers are cheerily instructing others on how to terrorize people, and that tonal juxtaposition is horrifying.