How Much Will Bravo Change & More Questions for 'SEAL Team' Season 4

SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions
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SEAL Team may not have ended its third season as planned, but at least we know it'll be back for a fourth — and the CBS drama certainly left us with plenty to wonder about as we wait.

It only took three seasons, but Jason (David Boreanaz) and Mandy (Jessica Paréfinally did something about the tension brewing between them in the final moments of "No Choice in Duty." Bravo Team made some serious headway in their mission to track down a terrorist leader during their deployment in Afghanistan. Plus, at least one member of the team may be leaving sooner rather than later.

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'SEAL Team's David Boreanaz on Jason's Perspective & 'Connection' With Mandy

There would have been 'some big decisions' in Episode 22, the star and exec producer says.

Scroll down to see all the burning questions we have for Season 4.

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SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions Jason Mindset Bravo Retiring
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How long can Jason continue leading Bravo?

It’s a serious cause for concern, when it comes to Jason both physically and psychologically. His years of service put a strain on his body — he did have surgery this season — and mind, and we’ve seen his struggle to balance the team and his family.

SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions Mandy Jason Kiss
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What's next for Jason and Mandy after that kiss?

In the final episode to air from Season 3, Jason and Mandy kissed, but what’s next for them? He couldn’t make it work with Natalie (Emily Swallow) but could deploying and working together be in his and Mandy’s favor?

SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions Cerberus

Are Cerberus' days with the team numbered?

Brock (Justin Melnick) noted that Cerberus had been “off” on a mission in the penultimate episode. While Jason brushed it off as a bad day, Brock argued, “You gotta know the signs. … It’s on me to know when he’s had enough.” Will fans have to say goodbye to Bravo’s canine member?

SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions Sonny Davis Relationship
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What does the future hold for Sonny and Davis?

It was a rough season for their relationship; first, Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) found out, and then they broke up. But by the end of the finale, both Sonny (AJ Buckley) and Davis (Toni Trucks) were being pulled to other people: childhood best friend Hannah (Rachel Boston) for him, and CIA’s Reiss (James Ransone) for her. Will Sonny and Davis find their way back to one another?

SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions Clay STA-21
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Is Clay really leaving Bravo?

Clay (Max Thieriot) decided to leave the team for STA-21 to become a commissioned officer, and that was a point of contention between him and his teammates. But in the finale, even Sonny was coming around after a blowout about the subject earlier in the season. However, a lot can change, especially on a deployment, and they’re still in Afghanistan.

SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions New Team Members
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Will Bravo gain any more new members?

We saw how newbie Vic worked out earlier in Season 3 (not well at all), and when Sonny was temporarily away from the team, Thirty Mike (Tim Chiou) joined them in Afghanistan. But whether Clay stays or goes, or anyone else makes a career move in the future, should we be prepared to see any new faces with Bravo in Season 4?

SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions Bravo Terrorist Leader
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How will Bravo get their target?

As Season 3 ended, Bravo Team was after a terrorist leader resisting peace negotiations, and it turned out their target was the son of a man they (specifically Jason) took down in the past. They’d gotten a lead — by tracking a courier responsible for bringing him his medication — but what will it take for them to stop the terrorist? And how will whatever happens leading up to that affect the team as a whole and as individuals?