How Much Will Bravo Change & More Questions for 'SEAL Team' Season 4

Meredith Jacobs
SEAL Team Season 4 Burning Questions
Erik Voake/CBS

SEAL Team may not have ended its third season as planned, but at least we know it'll be back for a fourth — and the CBS drama certainly left us with plenty to wonder about as we wait.

It only took three seasons, but Jason (David Boreanaz) and Mandy (Jessica Paréfinally did something about the tension brewing between them in the final moments of "No Choice in Duty." Bravo Team made some serious headway in their mission to track down a terrorist leader during their deployment in Afghanistan. Plus, at least one member of the team may be leaving sooner rather than later.

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'SEAL Team's David Boreanaz on Jason's Perspective & 'Connection' With Mandy

There would have been 'some big decisions' in Episode 22, the star and exec producer says.

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