‘Schitt’s Creek’: 7 Ways the Roses Improved Over the Years

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Schitt’s Creek has been a bright and sunny spot in many viewers’ lives over the past few years, which makes it difficult to say goodbye. The Canadian comedy, which airs on Pop TV here in the States, will have viewers bidding the titular town farewell for good on April 7 as the series wraps after six seasons — ew, right?

Well, despite having to say goodbye to the show that was co-created by father-son team Eugene and Dan Levy, we can’t help but reflect on all of the good it’s brought about, mainly for the Rose family at its center. While it may have seemed like the end of the world for the formerly rich foursome when they settled in at the Rosebud motel, it marked the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Below, we break down some of the ways in which the Rose family changed for the better after moving to Schitt’s Creek. Take a walk down memory lane as we stroll past Rose Apothecary, Cafe Tropical and more.

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Family Unit

When the Roses were uprooted from their lush lifestyle after a financial associate lost their funds, they were the epitome of wealthy stereotypes. Uncaring about anything but themselves — save for Johnny (Eugene Levy), who has a slightly better grasp on reality — the Roses are fish out of designer water when they arrive in the small town they once purchased as a joke. Needless to say, despite their familial bindings, there wasn’t much emotionally tethering these individuals together. Now, as we head into the final stretch, it’s hard to imagine the Roses from one another, which is certainly progress.

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Relating to Roland

Since the Roses arrived in Schitt’s Creek, Johnny has been the main point-person to deal with Mayor Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott). At first, the Rose patriarch couldn’t seem further from the kooky do-it-all man who was every bit a stereotype himself. Now, in Season 6, it’s hard to picture them as anything but friends who don’t always see eye-to-eye. Regardless of their differences, it’s clear at this stage that the very different men would do anything for each other, which is far from what would have been the case in Season 1.

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Alexis’ Self-Respect

When the series began, Alexis (Annie Murphy) often talked about wild jet-setting adventures and potentially concerning relationships she went through in her richer days. Searching for that same adventure in Schitt’s Creek, she took some time to figure out her romantic life after some cheating mishaps and random hook-ups. To see her somewhat end up with the “good guy” Ted (Dustin Milligan) was a sign of her evolution, and their eventual mutual breakup in this final season was also a sign of Alexis’ growing understanding of her own independence from relationships to achieve fulfillment through career and other aspects of her life.

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Career Goals

In the beginning of the series, Alexis seemed content to go through life at her leisure, unconcerned with the means by which she’d survive. When she was finally forced to get a job, this sparked something in Alexis that we really saw come into play these last few seasons. Since attending school for her degree in public relations, Alexis managed to help revive her mother Moira’s (Catherine O’Hara) career as her new rep. The differences between Alexis now versus Alexis at the show’s beginning are so vast, she’d be unrecognizable to herself.

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Johnny’s Encouragement

Despite not being thrilled to live in Schitt’s Creek like the rest of his family, Johnny Rose set his sights on finding a means by which to bring his family back to the life they’d known. While it took some time, he eventually saw the Rosebud Motel as an opportunity to get started and with it he took Stevie (Emily Hampshire) under his wing. Distant and timid, Stevie was resistant at first to Mr. Rose, but she eventually saw the potential that he saw in her, proving that she’s worth more than the lot she’s been dealt in life. Apart from Johnny’s relationship with his own children, his connection with Stevie is by far one of the show’s most genuine as the seasons have carried on.

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David’s Evolution

While David (Dan Levy) may remain set in his high-maintenance ways, he’s changed a lot since the Roses arrived in Schitt’s Creek. Disgusted by nature, his surroundings and less than refined neighbors, David was among the most vocal about his distaste for the small town. Now, we’ve seen David literally climb a mountain for a man he loved in Schitt’s Creek when he’s definitely not a nature man. He’s become selfless in a way we could have never pictured in Season 1.

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As previously mentioned, the Roses may have been a “family,” but they were never really that emotionally tied up in each other when the series debuted. Now, Moira and Johnny come across as concerned parents, and David and Alexis also are more considerate and thoughtful towards each other and their mother and father. In this final season when Johnny takes off for a business meeting with Roland and Stevie that could change the Roses’ lives, the rest of the gang, along with their extended crew. wait for their return as a unit. Their shared experience of living in Schitt’s Creek is the only thing that could have brought about such a shift, we’re sure of that.