8 'Queer Eye' Season 5 Moments That Prove It's More Than a Makeover

Kate Monger
Queer Eye Fab 5 Best Season 5 Moments
Ryan Collerd/Netflix

The Fab 5 is back for a fifth season to bring joy to more deserving heroes (the people they are making over) and their families. This time, they take on Philadelphia, their most eccentric city yet. From fishmongers to teenage activists to DJs, these episodes of Queer Eye saw it all. 

While part of each episode involves making over the hero’s outfits, hairstyle, home decor, and eating habits, the Fab 5's work serves far beyond that. Each hero has a reason why they need a makeover in their life, whether they work a stressful job and fail to take care of themselves, are too busy focusing on taking care of their family, or for a variety of reasons. Part of the makeover is dedicated to healing whatever it is that is holding them back from being the best people they can be. 

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The show's fifth season is slated to debut this summer on the streaming platform.

Season 5 was full of laughter, tears, and smiles as relationships were rekindled, confidence was restored, and the heroes learned more about themselves than they’d known before. Fans followed along with Jonathan van Ness, Tan France, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Antoni Porowski and watched people transform, both physically and spiritually, in front of their eyes.

Keep reading for eight moments that prove a Queer Eye makeover goes beyond the hair and makeup.

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