6 Questions We Need Answered When ‘Outlander’ Returns

Outlander Season 5 Jamie Claire Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe

Starz’s fan-favorite time-traversing drama Outlander may not be returning for quite a while, but there are plenty of questions that still need answers following the Season 5 finale this past spring.

Centering on the love story between 20th-century transplant Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and her 18th-century Highlander hubby Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), Outlander has brought fans into the hotbed of the American Revolution as the couple continue to make a life at their North Carolina home, Fraser’s Ridge.

Mix in a time-traveling daughter and her own family, and you’ve got quite a lot of drama before adding in the most recent events from the premium series’ fifth chapter. Based on Diana Gabaldon‘s books, this program set many things in motion with its moving finale, “Never My Love,” in which Claire suffers brutal treatment at the hands of family foe Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and his followers.

Following a rescue mission led by Jamie, Claire returns home to the Ridge to learn her and Jamie’s daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) has decided to stay in the 18th century instead of returning to her “own” time in the 1970s with son Jemmy and historian husband Roger (Richard Rankin). But what will happen when the series returns? Below, we’re breaking down some of the biggest questions we need answered when Outlander finally returns for Season 6.

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outlander season 5 claire jamie

What will Claire's recovery be like?

In the Season 5 finale installment, Claire is brutally raped by Lionel and his men which forces her mind to recede into a fantasy world featuring many of her family and friends in a 1960s house setting. The dream turns into its own nightmare as she receives word of her daughter Bree’s death.

Thankfully this isn’t the case for Claire’s own reality as Bree is alive and well, but her assault trauma have clearly had an impact on her physical and emotional state. By now fans know Claire is one tough lady with a medical degree to prove it, but will her experience with Lionel continue to impact her in Season 6, and in what ways? We’re dying to know.

outlander season 5 jemmy bree roger

Will Roger and Bree change their minds?

During Season 5’s penultimate episode “Journeycake,” Brianna and Roger decide that it’s time to return to their own place in history — now the 1970s. But their attempt to travel through the standing stones near Fraser’s Ridge flops and they return to their cabin on the estate unsure of what the future will hold. Early on in the show’s seasons, Claire claims that the stones draw time travelers to where they’re meant to be, referencing her own course to meeting Jamie 200 years in the past to her own 1940s origins.

Now it would seem that Bree and Roger’s place isn’t in the future but in their 18th century present. What does this mean for their life? Will Roger — who wants to return home the most — begin to resent the situation or are Roger and Bree settling for the past? Hopefully Season 6 will shed some light on this matter.

outlander season 5 jamie richard brown

Will Richard Brown retaliate?

Lionel Brown’s brother Richard (Chris Larkin) appeared in the finale episode from Season 5 and made an alarming threat to Jamie when they come face to face. Following Claire’s rescue, Jamie had captured Lionel and the man was ultimately killed by injection at the hands of Marsali (Lauren Lyle) — Claire and Jamie’s daughter-in-law and medical apprentice.

In the final moments of “Never My Love,” Jamie delivers Lionel’s body back to Richard who says, “You did what you must,” before adding, “As will I when the time comes.” What could that mean for Jamie and the rest of the Fraser clan at the Ridge? Is more violence on the horizon? It would be surprising if Richard didn’t try to retaliate for his brother’s death in some way.

John Bell as Young Ian in Outlander - Season 5

What's next for Young Ian?

Jamie and Claire’s nephew Ian Murray (John Bell) — aptly known as Young Ian — returned to the ridge following time spent with the Mohawk. His work with the Native Americans was done in trade to free Roger from their camp after he was imprisoned there in Season 4. Adapting to their traditions and lifestyle, Ian surprised his family by returning to the Ridge.

But apart form learning that he has experienced a special love with one of the Mohawk that left him depressed, not too much else is known about his experience with them. Will viewers learn more about his story, and will he stay at Fraser’s Ridge or return north to the Mohawk? Only time will tell.

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How will the Revolutionary War factor in?

Fans have already seen the Frasers encounter the hardships tied to the early battles of the American Revolution, but just how closely will they come to major historical moments from the war? It could be fun to see some well-known figures like George Washington (Simon Harrison) — who appeared in Season 4 — resurface or appear. Will we see more revolutionary moments? Hopefully, but if viewers know anything about Outlander by now, it doesn’t shy away from blurring the lines between real history and the show’s own.

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Where in the world is Lord John Grey?

Fraser family friend and adoptive father to Jamie’s bastard son William, Lord John Grey (David Berry) is a ray of light among the show’s darker moments. While he took leave to attend to business overseas amid growing tensions in the colonies, it seems like he’s never staying still which makes us wonder where he’s at when Season 5 ends, and even more, where he’ll be when Season 6 begins. Will the Revolutionary War keep him away or will circumstances align for his return stateside?