‘Outlander’: 5 Things We Learned From Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan’s Summer Series Episode

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The stars of Outlander came together for the final installment of Facebook’s Outlander End of Summer Series.

Shared on The Outlander Collector’s Facebook page, the series was released over the course of four weeks in support of the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders. Outlander‘s Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were featured in the final installment as the costars and friends chatted about the show, their quarantine habits and answered fan questions.

The previous installments of the End of Summer Series included “Book Corner with Diana Gabaldon and Maril Davis,” “A Taste of Outlander” and “The Music of Outlander.” The series also featured highlights from the Outlander Season 5 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray such as deleted scenes and other fun moments.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the major things we learned from Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s chat, which is still available for viewing on Facebook. Scroll down for some fun highlights hit upon in the episode.

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Season 6 Excitement

During Heughan and Balfe’s chat, she asked him about what he’s most excited to explore in Jamie Fraser’s Season 6 story. “I’m about halfway through, but I haven’t gotten to the end yet,” Heughan said of reading Book 6 in Diana Gabaldon’s series, which serves as the inspiration behind Starz’s show. “It’s so interesting to see what the writers have done and where we’re going. I don’t know where we end up.”

“Where we leave Season 5,” Heughan continued, “obviously the whole family is fractured. They are together but they are fractured. I think Claire has some healing to do.” Balfe agreed with her costar, as she added, “it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to, is seeing how she copes with all of that and the repercussions of it, but how the family as a whole unit heals together or help her to heal.

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They've Met Up for Socially Distanced Gatherings

While fans may have to wait a while for Season 6 to begin production, Balfe and Heughan are keeping in touch as they revealed a recent socially distanced gathering of their own. “Myself and two of my costars,” Heughan begins. “We had a socially distanced cocktail night where we went to Caitriona Balfe’s place… and we were socializing across the garden and took turns making these cocktails for everyone.”

Heughan joked that following the beverage making making, their gathering got a little fuzzy. “We had 3 cocktails and I don’t think any of us remember what happened after the third one [Laughs] because a certain Sam Heughan was doing the pour,” Balfe joked.

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Costar Stories in Clanlands Book

As fans of Outlander may know by now, Heughan and former series costar Graham McTavish are co-writing a book together titled Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other. Balfe jokingly asked if any of Heughan’s costars will be featured in the book, adding, “Are we getting approval?” Heughan laughed and said, “It is a very good question, I don’t think you have anything to be worried about.”

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Favorite Season 5 Moments

The stars asked each other about their favorite moments from Season 5, and for Balfe she enjoyed getting back to the show’s episodic feel. “Episode 7 was just so sad but so wonderful and you were amazing, and Duncan was so amazing,” Balfe said of the installment “The Ballad of Roger Mac” in which Lacroix’s Murtagh is killed on the North Carolina Battlefield at Alamance. “It was such an emotional episode for all of us because not only were we all losing this incredible character that we’ve all come to love so much, but we were saying goodbye to Duncan.

“The finale, I thought you were magnificent,” Heughan gushed about Balfe, whose character Claire endured serious trauma in Season 5’s last episode, “Never My Love.” Heughan continued to say to Balfe, “Honestly, you worked so hard on that … it was fantastic. It’s hard viewing, it is, but I’m really proud of it.” They also chatted about the difficulties of shooting at night among other moments.

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Fan Questions

When it came time for fan questions, Balfe and Heughan were asked what scenes made them laugh the most or made it difficult for them to stay serious. “I think we might have annoyed David Berry one day cause we were laughing so much,” Blafe admitted before apologizing to the actor who plays Lord John Grey.

The stars were also asked if they took anything from set and while Heughan joked that he took some weapons home with him, Balfe shared that she snagged something from the ’60s-era apartment set from the finale episode. The actors also shared their favorite Jamie and Claire scenes — for Heughan it was a scene in the finale following Claire’s rescue from the Browns in which she and Jamie chat by the river. Balfe’s favorite scene was more lighthearted as she referenced a drunken walk shared by Jamie and Claire in Season 5. See what else they had to say by checking out the End of Summer Series on Facebook now.