‘Days of Our Lives’ Stars Share the Show’s 7 Most Romantic Moments

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Days of Our Lives

Daytime Love

In its 50 years, Days of Our Lives has given us crazy plot twists and unexpected back stabs, but one constant theme has remained: undeniable love. Some Days stars shared the most romantic moments their characters had on the show. Find out the heartwarming scenes that actors Stephen Nichols, Kristian Alfonso and Bill and Susan Hayes remember the most.
Rodelio Astudillo

Stephen Nichols

Role: Steve "Patch" Johnson

Fave Moment: Kayla Taking Off Steve’s Patch (1986)

"The one [scene] that’s still the most meaningful to me, after all these decades, took place [in 1986] when Steve was badly wounded and Kayla [Mary Beth Evans] took off his famous patch to clean his face … Kayla was persistent and what she saw didn’t gross her out or make her scream and run. She accepts Steve completely, and there’s nothing more romantic than that.”

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Melissa Reeves

Role: Jennifer Horton

Fave Moment: Jennifer and Frankie in the Fishing Shack (1987)

“I will never forget all those beautiful scenes between Frankie and Jennifer in the fishing shack, and that time they danced to ‘Stand By Me.’ Those moments were all about the sweet innocence of being a teenager in love. Frankie and Jennifer cared so much for each other, and not just in a physical, sexual way. They had a deep friendship, which made it an even sweeter love story.”

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Days of our Lives, Susan Bill Hayes
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Bill and Susan Hayes

Role: Doug and Julie Williams

Fave Moment: Doug and Julie's First Wedding (1976)

Susan: “We used the very same words [for the vow] on the air that Bill and I had used in our own wedding. We took them from First Corinthians, the Book of Ruth—‘Whither thou goest, I will go.’ We also used ‘Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away…’ from Song of Songs. The words were intense and the poetry was magnificent—ideal for the climax of the Doug-and-Julie romance.”

Bill: “We give our audience hope for the future!”

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Kristian Alfonso
Howard Wise/JPIstudios.com

Kristian Alfonso

Role: Hope Williams Brady

Fave Moment: Bo and Hope at Oak Alley Plantation (1984)

“Hope was so feisty and Bo was such a bad boy. He would say ‘No!’ to her all the time–but too late! She'd already be off doing exactly what he told her not to do. It led to so much trouble, and Bo would inevitably have to play the hero and save his Fancy Face. I remember those early years with great fondness."

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Suzanne Rogers

Role: Maggie Horton

Fave Moment: Mickey Visits Maggie in the Hospital (1974)

“Mickey had promised Maggie that, if she got out of that hospital bed and was able to walk, he would take her dancing—and he gave her a beautiful pair of red shoes to get her motivated. I think that’s when the audience fell in love with Maggie. Mickey was established from the beginning of the show—the fans adored him—and suddenly he has amnesia and he’s in love with this crippled girl who lived on a farm."

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Days of Our Lives
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Ken Corday, Executive Producer

Fave Moment: Patch and Kayla's Wedding (1988)

"Patch [Stephen Nichols] was a really torn, damaged guy, and Kayla [Mary Beth Evans] had to redeem him through the power of her love, which has been the single most important theme on Days over the course of these 50 years. The moment when Kayla can't speak, and then the first words she says back to Patch are, 'I love you,' is simply incomparable."

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