10 Details to Remember Before ‘Lucifer’s Final Season

Lucifer Tom Ellis Season 5 Finale
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

For a third and final time, we have to prepare to say goodbye to Lucifer. (Fox canceled it after three seasons, then Netflix saved it, announced Season 5 as its last, and renewed it for one more.) And with the sixth season set to drop on Friday, September 10, when better to look back at where the drama left off at the end of Season 5B?

After all, last we saw Lucifer (Tom Ellis), his love Chloe Decker (Lauren German), angel Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), and demon Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), they were facing off against archangel Michael (Ellis) and his forces. The goal (and prize): to become the new God, following their father’s (Dennis Haysbert) retirement to his wife’s (Tricia Helfer) universe. That came after Detective Dan Espinoza’s (Kevin Alejandro) death, but there’s already a way we could see him again.

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Scroll down as we go through 10 details you should keep in mind heading into the final episodes.

Lucifer, Sixth and Final Season, Friday, September 10, Netflix

Lucifer Season 5B Finale God Tom Ellis

Lucifer is now God.

Though it looked like the fight was going Michael’s way, Lucifer’s willingness to sacrifice himself to bring back Chloe (more on that next) led to him returning to Earth as the new God. All present for the battle between the two sides kneeled before him at the end of the finale, which left off with Lucifer’s apt “Oh my … me.”

Lucifer Chloe Decker Season 5 Lauren German
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Chloe was briefly dead.

During the fight, Michael stabbed and killed Chloe, but Lucifer went up to heaven (though he’d been banished) and brought her back by putting Lilith’s ring on her finger. It brought her back to life. (And for anyone worried that she’ll die if she takes it off, executive producer Joe Henderson said during the [email protected] panel that’s not the case.)

Lucifer Chloe Relationship Season 5 Tom Ellis Lauren German
Courtesy of Netflix

Lucifer and Chloe's relationship may be stronger than ever.

At least, we hope this is the case. After all, Lucifer finally told her he loved her in the finale, and both are back on Earth (for now?). They even started planning for a life together with Lucifer as God — Chloe decided to quit her job to support him, after hearing about her parents’ arrangement — and since this is going to be the final season, we assume they’ll be OK.

Lucifer Season 4 Dan Espinoza Kevin Alejandro
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Dan is dead ... and in hell.

Dan’s guilt may have taken him to hell following his death, but the finale did see Lucifer encountering someone he’d previously seen in his former kingdom in heaven, suggesting there’s a way out for the detective. We have a feeling that’ll come into play in Season 6, especially with Lucifer now God.

DB Woodside Lucifer Season 5 Angel Amenadiel
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Amenadiel wants to join the LAPD.

Before Dan’s death, Amenadiel told the detective he wanted to join the LAPD. While Dan hadn’t been as supportive as the angel had hoped, he also submitted his application for him, as Amenadiel learned at his funeral.

Lesley-Ann Brandt Lucifer Maze Demon
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Maze wanted a soul.

With God on Earth, Maze approached him about what she wanted: a soul. And as he pointed out, miracles — like an angel having a child with a human and the devil falling in love — do happen. When she argued that a demon can’t grow a soul, he asked, “Can’t she?” She took that to mean she could and set out to do just that.

Maze Eve Lucifer Season 5
Courtesy of Netflix

Maze and Eve reunited.

Though Maze initially couldn’t stand the thought of losing Eve (Inbar Lavi) and their short-lived reunion ended in heartbreak — Eve refused to take Lilith’s ring because she wants to be mortal — the two got back together in the finale. “I don’t care if you die,” the demon said, exactly what Eve wanted to hear. They fought side-by-side in the battle against Michael.

Rachael Harris Lucifer Season 5 Linda Martin
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Linda and her daughter met.

Though Linda (Rachael Harris) wanted to let the daughter she gave up for adoption come to her, she also did a little light stalking and ended up running into her during a police investigation. Then, to Linda’s surprise, Adriana (Alexandra Grossi) tracked her down and revealed she knew who she was. Last we saw Adriana, Linda was watching her holding her baby brother Charlie.

Dennis Haysbert Lucifer Season 5 God
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

God's retired and in another universe.

Though God wasn’t losing his powers as he initially thought, he still chose to retire and move to his wife’s universe. It was his turn to spend time in hers after all the time she spent supporting him (and she only had enough juice for this one trip). So even if they need him for something, he’s not an option.

Lucifer Michael Season 5 Finale Surrender Defeat Wings

Michael lost ... so Lucifer should probably keep an eye on him.

Lucifer may have made a big mistake by leaving Michael alive (though he did take his wings), but he decided, “No more killing” as he returned to Earth as the new God. “In my time here on Earth, I’ve learned everyone deserves a second chance, even me. Even you, Michael.” But just because his twin kneeled before him doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be keeping (many) close eyes on the archangel.