‘Lucifer’ as God, Keeping Ella in the Dark & More Season 6 Scoop From [email protected]

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How will it all end (really) when the devil-turned-God returns for the final season? [email protected] 2021 was good to Lucifans as the panel dropped news about the premiere date (September 10!), a teaser with a great pilot callback, and more scoop.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis (who plays the titular character-turned-new-God and his twin Michael) joined executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich to look back at Season 5 and tease the upcoming final season.

Lucifer as God

As you’ll recall, last we saw Lucifer, he became the new God (Dennis Haysbert’s character retired), and Michael had to kneel before him. Does he now have all of God’s powers? “That’ll be one of the first questions that our characters will be asking when we start Season 6,” Henderson previewed.

Now that he’s God, is that the end of Lucifer solving crimes? Not necessarily. “It’s in his DNA now,” according to Ellis, who added, “There may be the odd thing to solve, but he’s got quite a few mysteries to solve, to be honest, in Season 6.”

And just because he’s gotten quite the promotion and did do a bit of maturing leading up to it in Season 5 doesn’t mean he’s done growing. “I think it’s that classic thing of ‘be careful what you wish for,'” Ellis shared. “Because he did convince himself about a lot of things during Season 5 but when something that you think about actually happens, it often feels very different, so that’s the kind of conundrum that Lucifer finds himself in Season 6.”

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Henderson added, “So much of [Lucifer’s] story in Season 5 was maturing and growing up, and to Tom’s point, there is so much to explore when you actually get to the moment where you think you’re done, you think you’ve become the person you’ve been trying to become and that became really interesting to explore.”

And as Modrovich pointed out, “with Lucifer it’s always one step forward, two, three steps back.”

Is Chloe at Risk?

Lucifer also saved love Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), using Lilith’s ring to bring her back to life. If you saw that as an “engagement” moment, it wasn’t exactly one (Ellis called it “an engagement/sacrifice”), but the EPs understand why you might. “When we went through it, we were deciding what finger to put the ring on and everything,” Henderson said. “We definitely wanted to hit more the metaphor of it all, the ‘I’m sacrificing myself, but I’m giving you my love,’ so I understand where the confusion comes from. It’s not an official engagement. But it is an emotional one in some ways.”

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And don’t worry about Chloe taking off Lilith’s ring; she won’t die. “It had a certain amount of power, the power was used to bring her back, now it just looks awesome on her hand,” according to Henderson.

Will Ella Find Out Who Lucifer Really Is?

Another major question heading into the final season concerns forensic scientist Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), who still doesn’t know the truth about Lucifer. “She’s the only one who hasn’t worked it out yet, and it’s the final season, so you work it out,” Ellis offered.

“She is our character of faith and one of the reasons we’ve kept her from knowing is because there is that question, does she need to know? Because she knows deep down in her heart,” Henderson added. “That sounds like a cool story to explore.”

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Dan’s Legacy

Also coming up in Season 6, angel Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside, who’s directing) is joining the LAPD after Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) submitted his application for him before his death. And speaking of Dan, the show hasn’t forgotten that he tried to set up Ella with the LAPD’s Carol Corbett (Scott Porter). “What are the chances he would also be a serial killer?” Modrovich wondered. “Very, very slim, right?” (Ella’s boyfriend in Season 5A, Pete, played by Alexander Koch, was the Whisper Killer.)

Where’s Michael?

Though Michael had been ready to kill Lucifer if the fight to become God went his way, Lucifer let his twin live in the Season 5 finale. “Because Lucifer showed him his good grace and decided not to do what he should’ve done, which is kill him, he sent him where people should go to think about what they’ve done and so Michael’s spending time in Time Out, shall we say?” Ellis offered.

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Final Season Easter Eggs

In addition to the callback to the pilot in the teaser with the cop who pulled Lucifer over, there are a few more Easter eggs to come in the final seasons. Modrovich teased “another familiar face … from a favorite episode, a favorite guest star.”

Joe “We really thought we had hit all of our easter eggs in Season 5. It’s so telling of when you step back and figure out where you are,” Henderson added. For example, they’d realized they hadn’t returned to that cop. “We found one character we’d never seen. We found one character who we’ve talked about but had never seen.”

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