Meet Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA’ Cast (And Follow Them on Instagram)

Peacock Love Island cast

Are you ready for a steamy summer over at Peacock? Ready or not, here Love Island USA comes. Peacock acquired the American iteration of the ITV reality series from CBS earlier this year and has been promising a hotter than ever season leading up to the July 19 premiere.

Ten new singles will enter the villa in the Love Island USA Peacock premiere, all primed for their search for summer love, and the show will be hotter than ever as Islanders couple up in new surroundings where challenges will excite and bombshells will be dropped. Throughout their stay, temptations will rise and drama will ensue as Islanders are forced to decide if they want to remain with their current partners or “recouple” with someone new. Islanders will also be at the mercy of viewers at home who will vote to determine who gets another shot at love and who leaves the villa heartbroken and empty-handed.

This new season will push boundaries like never before with unpredictable twists and turns and unexpected surprises, creating the ultimate recipe for summer fun.

The unscripted reality romance and competition series was filmed on the coast of California and will be hosted by Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland. Longtime Love Island narrator Iain Stirling will also narrate the U.S. version, bringing in a fan favorite from the original series.

Love Island USA will drop six episodes per week starting July 19, giving fans plenty of juicy content to sink their teeth into. Andy Cadman, Ben Thursby-Palmer, and Mike Espinosa are co-showrunners and executive produce with David George, Adam Sher, Simon Thomas, Tom Gould, Richard Cowles, Mike Spencer, Richard Foster, and Chet Fenster.

Sarah Hyland to Host 'Love Island USA' on PeacockSee Also

Sarah Hyland to Host 'Love Island USA' on Peacock

Plus, get a first look at the new season with a sneak peek.

Get to know the Love Island USA cast through their show bios and learn where to follow them on Instagram below.

Love Island USA, Season Premiere, Tuesday, July 19, Peacock

Peacock Love Island Andy

Andy Voyen

Age: 23

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Location now: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Job: Realtor

Fun Facts:

-Anything on a lake, he can dominate. He loves fishing, skiing, tubing, etc.

-His eyes go right to the blondes. But he says he’ll probably end up with a brunette.

-Confident, independent, and trustworthy women only

-He’s a good poker and cornhole player

Margot Robbie is his celebrity crush

Find Andy on Instagram at @andyvoyen.

Peacock Love Island Felipe

Felipe Gomes

Age: 32

Hometown: São Paulo

Location now: Dubai

Job: International Model

Fun Facts:

-Has spent the last seven years traveling around the world and has lived in more than 10 countries

-Felipe loves living life in a speedo

-Comes from a large family and has 12 uncles solely on his father’s side

-Has been with over 200 ladies

-Thinks speaking Portuguese is sexy and an easy way to turn a woman on

Find Felipe on Instagram at @felipevgms.

Peacock Love Island Isaiah

Isaiah Campbell

Age: 21

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Location now: Delray, Florida

Job: Waiter

Fun Facts:

-His back is his best feature

-He loves to cook

-He’s looking for a family-oriented girl, alpha female, “Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott” type of relationship — they’re “both alphas with their own s**t going on”

-One of his secret passions is cleaning

Find Isaiah on Instagram at @zayycamp.

Peacock Love Island Jesse

Jesse Bray

Age: 27

Hometown: Springfield, Ohio

Location now: Houston, Texas

Job: Courier

Fun Facts:

-He’s obsessed with milk, preferably good ole fashion Vitamin D. He drinks 3-4 gallons per week

-He’d love to give a bear a big bear hug

-If he could meet anyone in the history of Earth, it would be Socrates, thinks it would be a day filled with laughter

-Celebrity crush is Karrueche Tan

-Can put both legs behind his head

Find Jesse on Instagram at @jesselamontbray.

Peacock Love Island Timmy

Timmy Pandolfi

Age: 29

Hometown: New York City

Location now: Los Angeles, California

Job: Personal Trainer and Real Estate Agent

Fun Facts:

-He can low-key play the guitar, learned growing up in the church

-He’s terrified of snakes

-He likes to eat the back of shrimp tails — he eats the whole thing. It’s his favorite food.

-Kindness is the number one thing he looks for in a woman

-He’s like his mother: inviting and calm

Find Timmy on Instagram at @timmyswerve13.

Peacock Love Island Courtney

Courtney Boerner

Age: 24

Hometown: Winter Park, Florida

Location now: Los Angeles, California

Job: Stylist

Fun Facts:

-Celeb crushes: Keanu Reeves, Michael B. Jordan, Will Smith, and James Franco

-Hates bad breath more than anything

-Has had 19 plastic surgeries

-Could not live without her jewelry… or her vibrator!

-Loves a great personality and has dated both men and women

Find Courtney on Instagram at @courtnneylynn.

Peacock Love Island Deb

Deborah Chubb

Age: 26

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Location now: Redondo Beach, California

Job: Personal Assistant

Fun Facts:

-Usually the more red flags… the better for her and the harder she falls, but she’s ready to change her ways. She wants to find someone this summer who appreciates her.

Justin Bieber once flirted with her on an elevator

-Has many nicknames, including Chubb Rub!

-Single for five years and is more than ready to get back in the game

-Is a self-proclaimed Good Luck Chuck! The last four men she dated all ended up in marriages after her.

Find Deb on Instagram at @debchubb.

Peacock Love Island Sereniti

Sereniti Springs

Age: 28

Hometown: Clovis, California

Location now: New Orleans, Louisiana

Job: Bartender

Fun Facts:

-Nice teeth are SO important to her… would even consider it a fetish and is a sucker for a nice smile. Doesn’t care if they have veneers… “Steve Harvey come bite me!!”

Alex Landi is her “celebrity daddy crush”

-Cries as a hobby and knows there won’t be a drought this summer when it comes to the tears

-Her alter ego is the “Hype Fairy” or “Destiny”

-She’s a cowgirl at heart and wants to find a guy who can blow her boots off

Find Sereniti on Instagram at @serenitisprings.

Peacock Love Island Sydney

Sydney Paight

Age: 22

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Location now: Los Angeles, California

Job: Operations Manager for a Tech Startup

Fun Facts:

-Her celebrity crush is Harry Jowsey

Paris Hilton is her biggest idol

-Thinks her best features are her smile and her perky boobs #blessed

-Her dream job is to be a trophy wife with NO job!

-Got six stitches on her chin after falling and busting her face while she was drunk

Find Sydney on Instagram at @sydneypaight.

Peacock Love Island Zeta

Zeta Morrison

Age: 29

Hometown: Suri, England

Location now: Los Angeles, California

Job: Babysitter and Model

Fun Facts:

-Usually only goes for personality, but this time around wants to go for someone she is sexually attracted to

-Celebrity crush is fellow English heartthrob, Idris Elba

-Can speak “GA,” a Ghanaian dialect

-Talks out loud to herself on the regular and is very self-aware about it

-Loves to write and is currently working on an autobiography

Find Zeta on Instagram at @iamzetamorrison.