9 Questions We Have After the ‘Leverage: Redemption’ Trailer

Leverage Redemption Breanna Hardison Parker Sophie Eliot
Alfonso Bresciani/Amazon Studios

Our favorite bad guys are back to take from the rich and powerful in Leverage: Redemption, and they’re joined by the Fixer and Maker — and the first look at the new IMDb TV series has left us with quite a few questions.

After all, when we last saw Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman’s Grifter), Parker (Beth Riesgraf’s Thief), Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane‘s Hitter), and Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge‘s Hacker) in Leverage‘s original run (2008-2012 on TNT), Sophie had left the con behind with Nate (Timothy Hutton‘s Mastermind), and the other three were discussing Leverage International.

Now, everyone’s back (except for Nate), and Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle‘s Fixer), a corporate lawyer looking for redemption after he’s been on the wrong side of things his entire career, and Hardison’s sister Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon’s Maker), with a knack for computers, robotics, and getting in trouble, are joining them to do what they do best: force the rich and powerful to suffer some consequences.

Based solely on that information and the trailer, we’ve come up with some burning questions we need answers to below.

Leverage: Redemption, Series Premiere, Friday, July 9, IMDb TV

Nate Ford and Sophie Devereaux (Timothy Hutton and Gina Bellman) in Leverage Season 5
Erik Heinila/©TNT/courtesy Everett Collection

Where’s Nate?

Leverage: Redemption has to tell us what happened to Nate. Why is Sophie back without him? Did their relationship last? Is he out of the con game for good? Did he die? Did everything catch up to him and he’s in jail (again)?

Parker Hardison Sophie Harry Eliot Breanna Leverage Redemption

Are Parker and Hardison still together?

Based on the above shot from the trailer, we’re going with a yes — and considering how long it took them to get together in the original run, we’ll breathe a sigh of relief at that.

Aldis Hodge Leverage Redemption Alec Hardison

How will Hardison only being around part-time be explained?

Hodge is only recurring, not a series regular, for the revival, due to his schedule. Will Hardison’s skills be required elsewhere? Will he run into trouble on a con and go missing? (That’s probably more likely on another show since this team would get him back almost immediately.)

Hardison Eliot Leverage Redemption

How many callbacks will there be?

There are already a few in the trailer, including Eliot’s “Damnit, Hardison!” and Parker and Sophie’s combined, “Let’s go steal $20 million.” We can’t wait to try to catch them all.

Noah Wyle Leverage Redemption Harry Wilson
Alfonso Bresciani/Amazon Studios

How will Harry cross paths with the team?

The clips of Harry in the trailer only show him mid-conversation with the others. But what will lead him to cross paths with them? Since he’s been on the other side of things during his career and he’s looking for redemption, will he be one of their marks or connected to one? Will it be a matter of right place, right time and they stumble across each other? Does he have any history with anyone from the team?

Harry Sophie Hardison Parker Leverage Redemption

How will Harry fit in with the team?

Speaking of Harry, we’ll have to wait to see what his dynamic is like with the others. All we see of him with them really in the trailer is walking and his deduction: “You are a group of thieves that help people.” How will he do as their (proposed) “inside man”?

Gina Bellman Leverage Redemption Sophie Devereaux
Alfonso Bresciani/Amazon Studios

What has Sophie been up to if she's really been retired?

When we last saw Sophie, she’d hung it up. In the trailer, she says, “I’m retired. I haven’t been on the con for years.” But has she really stopped being a grifter? And if she has, what has she been up to (with or without Nate)? How easily will she slip back into her role — and how much will she enjoy doing so?

Aleyse Shannon Leverage Redemption Breanna Casey

How will Breanna change what the team can do during cons?

How Breanna is brought in is likely simple: her connection to Hardison. But what will she bring to the team that’s different from what Hardison has done in the past? How will it change how they go about their cons?

Leverage International Redemption

What exactly is Leverage International?

There’s a logo in the trailer (above). How long has it been in business? Is Parker in charge? (The original series finale did set up her to be the new Mastermind.)