‘Leverage: Redemption’ Premiere Date Set: Our Favorite Bad Guys Are Back in First Teaser (VIDEO)

Leverage Redemption Cast Wyle Bellman Kane Hodge Shannon Riesgraf
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The rich and powerful take what they want. These bad guys (are back to) steal it back for you. They provide…leverage.

Everyone’s favorite Hitter (Christian Kane’s Eliot Spencer), Hacker (Aldis Hodge’s Alec Hardison), Thief (Beth Riesgraf’s Parker), and Grifter (Gina Bellman’s Sophie Devereaux) are back to do some good — with some help from a couple of new people — in Leverage: Redemption. IMDb TV has announced that the follow-up to the 2008 TNT drama will drop its first eight episodes on Friday, July 9. (Eight more episodes will premiere in fall 2021.)

But first, they’ll have to convince Sophie to return to the world of cons and stealing, as seen in the first teaser. “It’s gotten a lot worse out there since you hung it up,” Eliot tells her. And with Parker whispering in her ear about stealing something, how long will Sophie really stay retired?

The video re-introduces the Hitter, Hacker, Thief, and Grifter, as well as the Fixer (Noah Wyle’s Harry Wilson) and Maker (Aleyse Shannon’s Breanna Casey, Hardison’s sister) joining them. “I think I’ve deduced that you are a group of thieves that help people,” Harry, a corporate lawyer out for redemption after realizing he’s been on the wrong side of things his entire career, tells them in his pitch. “Let me be your inside man.”

Meanwhile, Breanna, with a knack for computers, robotics, and getting into trouble, has grown up on stories of the team…albeit not completely true ones, like, “how you saved Eliot’s life all those times.” Fans of the original run can guess the Hitter’s reaction.

Speaking of, the trailer is filled with moments that will delight those who watched those five seasons, like Leverage International (as mentioned in the finale when Parker, Hardison, and Eliot were continuing their work), Eliot’s “Damnit, Hardison!” and, of course, Parker and Sophie’s “let’s go steal $20 million!”

Watch the teaser below to see our favorites back in action.

In Leverage: Redemption, as the world has changed over the last eight years, “it’s become easier — and sometimes legal — for the rich to become richer and the powerful to squash anyone who gets in their way,” according to IMDb TV.

Kate Rorick serves as showrunner and executive producer alongside Dean Devlin, Marc Roskin, and Rachel Olschan-Wilson of Electric Entertainment. John Rogers and Chris Downey are consulting producers. (Devlin, Roskin, Olschan-Wilson, Rogers, and Downey all worked on the original series.)

Scroll down for the first episodic images from the series.

Leverage: Redemption, Series Premiere, Friday, July 9, IMDb TV

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The Hitter, Thief, and Hacker: Eliot (Christian Kane), Parker (Beth Riesgraf), and Hardison (Aldis Hodge)

Gina Bellman Leverage Redemption Grifter Sophie Devereaux
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The Grifter: Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman)

Aldis Hodge Leverage Redemption Hacker Alec Hardison
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Christian Kane - Leverage Redemption - Hitter Elliot Spencer
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Christian Kane James Marsters Leverage Redemption
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The Angel reunion with James Marsters and Christian Kane!