7 Scripted & Unscripted Programs That Highlight Frontline Workers

Kieran Ungemach
Lenox Hill Netflix Docuseries Trailer
Courtesy of Netflix

Frontline workers and hospital staff have gained global attention and appreciation for their contributions and work to the coronavirus relief effort.

On top of this, scripted and other shows have done a great job in providing some perspective on the experiences of hospital workers and other frontline responders and what it means to be in their occupation.

'Lenox Hill' Follows the 'Dramatic, Inspiring & Sensitive' Moments of a HospitalSee Also

'Lenox Hill' Follows the 'Dramatic, Inspiring & Sensitive' Moments of a Hospital

'It's our hope that we can provide real-life role models for young people,' filmmaker Ruthie Shatz says of the real-life version of 'Grey's Anatomy.'

From documentaries like Lenox Hill—which is releasing a special "Pandemic" episode on June 24—to TV shows like ER, here are seven programs to watch that highlight the lives of frontline workers and healthcare professionals.