7 Things That Might Happen in 'Fuller House's Final Episodes

Paige Strout
Fuller House Season 5 Final Episodes Predictions
Michael Yarish/Netflix

Netflix’s popular Full House revival, Fuller House, is coming to an end. The second half of its final season will be released on June 2, meaning fans will say goodbye to their favorite “Tanneritos” once more.

Netflix Reveals Premiere Date for 'Fuller House's Final EpisodesSee Also

Netflix Reveals Premiere Date for 'Fuller House's Final Episodes

The Tanners are preparing for their final farewell.

After five seasons of laughs, pranks, drama, and love, the series has to wrap up several storylines and character arcs. Will Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) get a recording contract? Does Kimmy (Andrea Barber) want another baby? Check out the gallery below to see our predictions for what might happen in Fuller House’s final episodes.

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