5 Chilling Questions for ‘Evil’ Season 2

Evil Season 1 Finale Demon Therapist Kristen Posession

Evil, our favorite show to watch with all the lights on (or in the middle of the day), is coming back for a second season to scare us some more — especially after that finale!

The CBS drama ended its freshman run with an episode that left us worried for multiple characters and whether they’ll end up on the side of good or evil in the series that begs the question: Can some mysteries be explained by science, or is it the supernatural? That’s what psychologist Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), priest-in-training David Acosta (Mike Colter), and carpenter Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi) set out to discover.

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'Evil' Star Aasif Mandvi Shares His Not-So-Evil Thoughts About Season 1

The actor, who plays rationalist scientist Ben, also shares what to look forward to with the newly released Season 1 DVD.

Below, we take a look at the aspects that have us most concerned heading into Season 2 (so any relationship-related questions are out, for now).

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Darren Pettie Evil Season 1 Orson LeRoux
Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Did Kristen kill Orson?

Serial killer Orson LeRoux (Darren Pettie) was out of prison, visiting Kristen’s house, and a serious threat in the finale … until he was killed. And considering Kristen did seem to be out for blood and didn’t have an explanation for blood Ben noticed on her leg, all signs pointed to her having done it, especially since …

Evil Season 1 Finale Kristen Hand Burned Cross

Is Kristen possessed?

As was established, the possessed are burned when they touch a cross, and at the end of the finale, that’s exactly what happened to Kristen. (Plus, David had a vision of her in a field walking in the direction of the demon therapist.)

Evil Season 1 Demon Therapist Leland Townsend
Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Does the demon therapist actually exist?

Honestly, it’s hard to care either way, considering a demon as a therapist — to the evil Leland Townsend (Michael Emerson) — with a legal pad and pen (above) may have been one of the greatest images of the 2019-2020 season. But was that all in Leland’s head? The fact that others (Kristen, her daughter Lexis, and David) also saw the demon therapist suggests it wasn’t.

Maddy Crocco Evil Season 1 Lexis Bouchard
Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Should we be worried about Lexis?

As we just noted, Lexis (Maddy Crocco) also saw the demon therapist and her disabling the alarm of the house to open the door to him, him inviting her to go with him to “the next level,” and her trying to lock him out may be indicative of the struggle that could be coming for her next season. After all, Kristen had gone to the fertility clinic that may have created evil children to get pregnant … with Lexis.

Christine Lahti Michael Emerson Evil Season 1 Sheryl Leland
Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

How worried should we be about Sheryl?

Kristen’s mother Sheryl (Christine Lahti) refused to see Leland for what he is (and what her daughter sees him as) and now that she’s engaged to him, she’s being pulled further to his side (evil). But should we be more concerned about what being in Leland’s life will mean for Sheryl or perhaps what could come of her if her involvement (or lack thereof) in Kristen’s life is no longer useful to him?