Meet the Characters of ‘Dr. Death’ in First Look Portraits (PHOTOS)

Dr. Death key art

Peacock’s crime drama Dr. Death is nearing its July 15 debut on the streamer and in anticipation of the show’s arrival, we have your first look at character portraits featuring the all-star cast.

Based on Wondery’s hit podcast, Dr. Death is inspired by the horrifying true story about Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson). As a rising star in the Dallas medical community, his flourishing neurosurgery practice takes a turn for the worst when Dr. Duntsch’s operations leave patients permanently maimed and at times dead.

While victims begin to pile up, two other physicians take note of the oddities circulating around Dr. Duntsch and they’ll team up with a Dallas prosecutor to help stop the vicious cycle. The series explores the failures of the system which is designed to protect the most defenseless individuals.

Below, meet the characters in their portraits and stay tuned for the arrival of Dr. Death on Peacock this summer.

Dr. Death, Series Premiere, Thursday, July 15, Peacock


Dr. Death Joshua Jackson

Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson)

Dr. Christopher Dunstch is seen as a rising star within his community. Described as young, charismatic, and brilliant, he builds a reputable neurosurgery practice that takes a dark turn when patients leave the operating room for routine spinal surgeries with permanent injuries or even worse, dead.

Dr. Death Grace Gummer

Kim Morgan (Grace Gummer)

Kim is a very capable and “hard-charging” physician’s assistant who becomes entangled in Duntsch’s personal and professional web. She’s drawn in by his talent and ambition that have a much more malignant side than initially detected.

Dr. Death AnnaSophia Robb

Michelle Shughart (AnnaSophia Robb)

Michelle is an Assistant District Attorney located in Dallas who teams up with Doctors Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin) and Randall Kirby (Christian Slater) to help take down “Dr. Death” himself.

Dr. Death Christian Slater

Randall Kirby (Christian Slater)

Randall Kirby is a vascular surgeon who is impulsive at times but isn’t afraid to burn the system down in the name of justice. In his eyes, there’s a time and place for deliberation and then there’s a time and place to just get things done.

Dr. Death Alec Baldwin

Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin)

Robert Henderson is a fellow neurosurgeon who is quiet, deliberative, and methodical. Believing in the system itself, Dr. Henderson thinks that anything worth doing shouldn’t be rushed and done accurately.