6 One Chicago Characters We’re Most Worried About in 2020

Chicago PD Kevin Atwater Med Hannah Asher Fire Sylvie Brett
Matt Dinerstein/NBC; Elizabeth Sisson/NBC; Adrian Burrows/NBC

With One Chicago Wednesdays starting up again soon (all three shows return on November 11), we’re already worried about our favorite first responders.

The doctors and nurses of Med, firefighters and paramedics of Fire, and police of P.D. put their lives — not to mention their hearts, with some of the past and present romances — on the line each episode. With the 2019-2020 season ending early (due to the coronavirus pandemic) for all three, only one character was in serious trouble at the end of a finale. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have cause to worry about others given ongoing storylines and teases for what’s to come.

Below, we take a look at the One Chicago characters we’re worried about (and not just in the sense that they could die) heading into the new episodes.

One Chicago Wednesdays, November 11, 8/7c, NBC

Jessy Schram Nick Gehlfuss Hannah Asher Chicago Med
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram, Chicago Med)

Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) worried the recovering addict (above, left) had relapsed at the end of last season; she hadn’t, but she is still around those who are using, including an ex-boyfriend who hasn’t gotten clean. Should we worry about what’s next for her?

Kara Killmer Sylvie Brett Chicago Fire Season 8
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Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer, Chicago Fire)

The paramedic had a rough year, just between meeting her biological mother (only to lose her when she gave birth to her half-sister) and her partner in Ambulance 61 deciding to return to medical school. Now, executive producer Derek Haas told TV Insider, in relation to Brett and new paramedic Gianna Mackey (Adriyan Rae), “Don’t miss the premiere’s last 10 seconds.” Uh-oh.

Daniel Kyri Taylor Kinney Chicago Fire Ritter Severide
Adrian Burrows/NBC

Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri, Chicago Fire)

Kyri (above, right) was promoted to series regular between seasons, so we’ll see more from the young firefighter going forward. Furthermore, “Ritter has an epic rescue coming up,” Haas teased. Let’s just hope he emerges unscathed! Plus, the EP added, “he might be taking a break from [his boyfriend].” Will that mean heartbreak?

LaRoyce Hawkins - Kevin Atwater - Chicago PD, Season 7
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Officer Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins, Chicago P.D.)

Last we saw Atwater, he’d told Internal Affairs that Doyle (Mickey O’Sullivan) had racially profiled an innocent man and led to both their deaths. And Doyle’s friends and family showed up at the Intelligence officer’s house to make it clear they weren’t going to leave that be. “Doyle’s friends and family are taking this very seriously. They’re also well-connected in CPD and the Mayor’s Office,” Eid said after the finale. “So, this crew will present a serious challenge to Atwater … and Intelligence.”

Jason Beghe Hank Voight Chicago PD Season 7
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe, Chicago P.D.)

We don’t think anything’s going to happen to Voight, but with his way of doing things being challenged by the new police-reform agenda, we might be a little worried about the people around him. He’s going to have to figure out if “he’s part of the problem or part of the solution,” executive producer Rick Eid has teased. How will he react?

Lisseth Chavez Vanessa Rojas Chicago PD Season 7
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Officer Vanessa Rojas (Lisseth Chavez, Chicago P.D.)

Chavez exited the series between seasons (for a series regular gig on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), and we can’t help but worry how Rojas will be written out. While we doubt she’ll be killed off(-screen), she could be sent on an extended (dangerous) undercover assignment.