‘Ray Donovan,’ ‘God Friended Me’ & More Canceled Series Worthy of Being Saved

Canceled TV Shows Should Be Saved
Barbara Nitke/2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.; Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

It used to be that once a show was canceled, that was it. Fans had to accept it was over, and maybe they’d be lucky to get at least some answers in the final episode.

But now, there are reboots and revivals, un-cancellations (like Timeless), and streaming services and other networks to save those that have been axed (just look at Lucifer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Last Man Standing). Not every show can be saved, but there are some that deserve a second chance, if only to wrap up storylines.

From Ray Donovan to Project Blue Book, we take a look at the canceled series that are worthy of continuing on below.

Canceled TV Show Should Be Saved Ray Donovan
Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Ray Donovan

Original network: Showtime

The cancellation in February shocked both fans and those who worked on the drama; showrunner David Hollander had been planning an eighth and final season. But soon after the announcement, series star Liev Schreiber, who played the titular fixer, offered hope that “there will be more Ray Donovan.” Considering that the series ran for seven seasons and ended in what the showrunner called “mid-sentence,” don’t the fans and the show itself deserve a bit of resolution, even if it’s just a movie to wrap things up?

Canceled TV Show Should Be Saved Project Blue Book
Liane Hentscher/History

Project Blue Book

Original network: History

The second season ended with one crazy cliffhanger: Quinn (Michael Malarkey) appeared to have been killed, but until we see a body … Sadly, the network canceled the series, so fans will likely not see showrunner David O’Leary’s plans for what would come next. But considering the popularity of the show and everything left to explore (especially UFOs and USOs), let’s hope that changes.

Canceled TV Show Should Be Saved Single Parents
ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

Single Parents

Original network: ABC

The comedy following a group of single parents helping one another was axed after two seasons — and ended with fans left wondering if Will (Taran Killam) and Angie (Leighton Meester) have a future together. Soon after the news, #savesingleparents started trending on Twitter. We’ll have to wait to see if anything comes of it, but co-creator J.J. Philbin did express regret that they “won’t be able to give the characters the happy endings they deserve.”

Canceled TV Show Should Be Saved Tell Me a Story
Connie Chornuk/CBS

Tell Me a Story

Original streaming service: CBS All Access

The anthology series put a modern-day dark twist on the fairy tales you know and love for two seasons. With it set to air on The CW, more people will get to see what made it so entertaining, and what better way to pave the way for a third season? Creator Kevin Williamson already knows the fairy tales he’d like to adapt next (“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and “Rapunzel”).

Canceled TV Show Should Be Saved God Friended Me
Barbara Nitke/2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

God Friended Me

Original network: CBS

The feel-good series was canceled not even two weeks before the finale aired, and the producers were forced to use a montage to reveal what would have come next. For example, fans found out that Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) and Cara (Violett Beane) eventually got back together but didn’t get to see it happen. (She had been determined to remain friends.) But Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt had quite the plan for a third season, and this is the kind of show that the world could always use: the God Squad helping people.