'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart': Which Couples Are Still Together?

Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Couples Updates
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor franchise expanded with the new musical Listen to Your Heart this spring.

On the spinoff, the 20 contestants connected through song and were tested in musical challenges as they hoped to find success in both love and music. Some had better luck than others.

'The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart' Finale: Which Couple Won? (RECAP)See Also

'The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart' Finale: Which Couple Won? (RECAP)

Find out which of the final three pairs — Bri and Chris, Rudi and Matt or Jamie and Trevor — walked away victorious.

But what about after the show? At least one couple is still together, while another may be able to make it work in the future. Furthermore, relationships statuses may not have any effect on what's to come from them musically.

Using interviews and social media posts, we're recapping who's still together and who isn't below.

Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Couples Bri Chris Winners
ABC/John Fleenor

Bri Stauss and Chris Watson (Winners)

Status: Dating

While they’re not physically together, they’ve been having “lots of FaceTime dates” and “talk multiple times a day,” Bri told ET. They’re probably the strongest couple to come out of the show (at the moment) since they’ve talked about getting married in the future.

Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Couples Jamie Trevor
ABC/John Fleenor

Jamie Gabrielle and Trevor Holmes

Status: Exes

Though the two had been in a good place in the finale and looking to the future for their relationship — he even brought up moving to Nashville for her — ET revealed they’re no longer together. That shouldn’t be too surprising, given that their tributes to the show on their respective Instagram pages do veer away from getting too personal about one another.

Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Couples Rudi Matt
ABC/John Fleenor

Rudi Gutierrez and Matt Ranaudo

Status: Exes

Their relationship didn’t make it to the end of the finale — he told her he wasn’t in the same place as everyone else — but based on their comments to ET, there may be a reconciliation in their future. According to Rudi, the two of them are “feeling things out.”

“She is such a light in my life and I’m very excited to see what the future holds,” Matt wrote on Instagram, promising more music from the two of them.


Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Couples Natascha Ryan
ABC/John Fleenor

Natascha Bessez and Ryan Neal

Status: It’s complicated

As Natascha teased on Instagram prior to the finale, there’s good news for fans of the couple and their music. “Natascha and I are in a great place, both emotionally and musically, and we’re just taking it day by day and seeing where things go,” Ryan told ET. Furthermore, they’re going to release music both as individual artists and together.

Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Couples Julia Sheridan
ABC/John Fleenor

Julia Rae and Sheridan Reed

Status: Exes

Though Julia switched to Brandon and then admitted she wished she hadn’t, there isn’t hope for a reunion with Sheridan now that the show’s over. She wanted to, but he told ET he refused “to be somebody’s second choice.”