‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ Episode 4: The Julia & Brandon Show (RECAP)

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With one week of performances under their belts, the final six couples on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart are putting their musical talents and chemistry to the test once again.

While some relationships are continuing to build on the ABC reality dating/music competition series, others are falling apart. Not only is the Sheridan-Julia-Brandon-Savannah love quadrangle continuing to get more dramatic, some of the other couples are also about to be shaken up.

Read on for a recap of tonight’s pivotal episode.

Date Switch-Up

The six couples remaining are Natascha and Ryan, Jamie and Trevor, Bri and Chris, Rudi and Matt, Julia and Sheridan, and Savannah and Brandon…for now. Of course, right when everyone thinks all the relationships in the house are solid, host Chris Harrison drops a major bomb. This week, instead of the established couples going on dates, contestants will be set up on dates with other people.

“Some of you may have realized last night that the chemistry’s not there and this isn’t the best partnership for you. So today you’re going to feel challenged because you’re going to be going on dates, but it’s not going to be with who you think it’s going to be. I’m going to put these relationships to the ultimate test. It’s meant to push you, to have a different perspective,” Chris reveals.


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It’s safe to say this challenge is happening because of Julia’s lingering feelings for Brandon. And, sure enough, Chris reveals one of the dates happening this week will be Julia and Brandon, as well as Jamie and Ryan, and Chris and Rudi.

While Chris and Rudi’s date seems a bit strange, Ryan and Jamie’s set-up was bound to happen, especially considering their interest in one another at the beginning. As expected the most concerned person is Sheridan, who’s rightfully nervous Julia’s going to fall right back into Sheridan’s arms. “Maybe tonight Julia’s going to come back with clarity and I’ll be stoked. But, maybe not,” Sheridan says.

Rudi and Chris’s date is very friendly, but it’s clear they have no romantic connection. Jamie and Ryan, despite their initial spark, also immediately put each other in the friend zone. “The story between Ryan and Jamie is over romantically, but not friendship wise,” Jamie says.

Julia and Brandon’s 1-On-1 Date

That leaves us with Julia and Brandon’s date, and they clearly still have feelings for each other. They go on their date to the famed music venue, The Roxy, and write a song together. “I’m here to find the right thing. I think it would be doing a disservice to ourselves if we didn’t pursue it if it’s real, if it’s there,” Julia says about Brandon.

Sheridan, who’s way too good for this show and too good for Julia, decides to write a song for Julia while she’s away. Honestly, for his sake, we hope he cuts ties with Julia all together because she doesn’t deserve him!

Julia and Brandon perform their song together, and that’s enough for Julia to admit she’s falling for him. “We have a lot of chemistry, beyond the romantic sense. We have chemistry in the musical sense as well. So, I want to end up with Brandon,” Julia reveals. Run Sheridan, Run!


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They return from their date and decide to talk to their respective partners about their new-found feelings for one another. Julia pulls Sheridan aside and shares that she wants to pursue things with Brandon. Sheridan then wishes Julia the best and walks away, which for some reason offends Julia. Sorry girl, but you broke up with HIM! You have no right to be upset. Sheridan is gracious in his departure and leaves the mansion for good.

Brandon grabs Savannah, however, their conversation isn’t quite as direct. Brandon reveals he has feelings for Julia, but he also ends up gaslighting Savannah in the process. Not only does he question why she’s upset, he says they’re having problems because Savannah’s only 95% committed to him. No dude, you’re the problem.

In classic Brandon fashion, he tries to sweet-talk Savannah into falling back into his arms, but Savannah doesn’t fall for it. She explains she doesn’t want to be an option for Brandon, she wants to be his main choice, and decides to head home. Good on you, Savannah. He doesn’t deserve you.

The Performances

Now with the couples established, it’s time to get to the music. Jamie and Trevor are assigned “Like I’m Going To Lose You” by Meghan Trainor and John Legend, Bri and Chris get “Lover” by Taylor Swift, Natascha and Ryan take on “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne, Rudi and Matt have “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton, and Julia and Brandon are given “We Belong” by Pat Benatar.


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Julia and Brandon struggle in rehearsals, but it’s clear their romantic connection is struggling even more so. In fact, Natascha point-blank asks Brandon if he would’ve stayed with Savannah if she had wanted to, and he says yes! The nerve of this guy. Natascha then decides to tell Julia what Brandon said on the day of the performances, and she doesn’t take the news well. ”Natascha doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I think it’s dirty that she did this to a performer right before a performance.” While it’s true Natascha threw Julia off her game, Julia does need to know she’s Brandon’s second choice. Julia confronts Brandon, but like always does, Brandon weasels his way out of having to answer for any of his past.

Alright, now to the actual performances. The judges this week are Toni Braxton, Andy Grammer, and Bachelor Nation couple Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo. Rudi and Matt are the first to perform, and they kill it. “You guys were so good. Your chemistry was great. But can I just say, the way you guys interacted after you finished was beautiful,” Rachel says about the duo.


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Second up is Jamie and Trevor. Despite Jamie’s nerves and their slightly awkward chemistry, they get through the performance. Chris and Bri are third to perform, and they knock it out of the park. “I see love, I see a connection,” Toni says. Not to mention, Bri tells Chris she loves him for the first time! There’s a great chance these two could go all the way.

Fourth on deck is Brandon and Julia, and there’s an obvious disconnect between them. “It seemed a little disjointed as far as the connection is concerned,” Rachel reveals. The final performance is from Natascha and Ryan, and there’s was clearly the best.

Following the performances, Julia confronts Natascha for dropping that massive bomb right before she had to sing with Brandon. “I just feel like what Natascha you did to me today, just another performer should never to do someone. It felt very vindicative and quite frankly, dirty,” Julia says.


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Alright, now for the roses! The first couple called safe is Bri and Chris. Next are Matt and Rudi and Natascha and Ryan, leaving Jamie and Trevor and Brandon and Julia as the two left. The final couple called is Trevor and Jamie, which means Brandon and Julia are sent packing. Julia breaks down as she’s leaving and reveals she wishes she would’ve chosen Sheridan. Hindsight’s 20/20, Julia.

Now with just four couples left and the relationships solidified, next week is certain to be a bloodbath. Not to mention, they’re hitting the road! Who do you think will win the whole show Let us know in the comments!

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