Kathleen Turner Talks Reuniting With Michael Douglas for ‘Kominsky Method’

the kominsky method michael douglas kathleen turner

Reunited and it feels so…sarcastic! On Season 3 of The Kominsky Method, Chuck Lorre’s dry comedy about getting older in the land of eternal youth (i.e., Los Angeles), Kathleen Turner joins full time as Roz, the biting ex-wife of Michael Douglas’ self-absorbed acting coach, Sandy Kominsky.

Expect the kind of verbal jousting they perfected in 1980s blockbusters like Romancing the Stone and The War of the Roses. Turner opens up about their onscreen reunion.

You had a cameo in Season 2. Now It seems you were brought in to be Sandy’s sparring partner since his bestie, Norman (Alan Arkin), is no longer around.

Kathleen Turner: I think in a way. There’s a scene where Roz says, “Is this how Norman would talk with you?” He says, “Yeah, kind of.”

Why does that dynamic work so well for you two?

I don’t know that I can answer that. I’m not sure if Michael can either. But Chuck Lorre has the smarts to see our rhythm and make use of it!

the kominsky method michael douglas kathleen turner

(Credit: ERIK VOAKE/NETFLIX © 2021)

Roz and Sandy still care for each other.

Yes. It’s really sweet where they each go, “You believe this? I like you!” Though a favorite barb is [when Roz says] “I never stopped loving you.” Sandy goes, “Really?” Roz says, “No, I’m just [messing] with you!”

Have you two kept in touch through the years?

We have, because I live in New York. And Michael moved back East. So [on set] it was right back to, “Oh, hi, you!”

The Kominsky Method, Friday, May 28